45 Dances, 8 Days & A Whole Lot Of Culture: What You Missed From This Year’s Saudi Qemam Festival

Saudi Arabia witnessed a thrilling week loaded with tunes and dances from all over the world. The Asir region was home to the third edition of the Qemam International Festival, which took place from January 20 to 27.

Organized by the Theater and Performing Art Commission and a part of Saudi’s Vision toward 2030 for cultural strategy, the festival is held to showcase the cultural diversity of not only Arabs but the entire world.

Each country brings its own traditions, showing the beauty of cultural exchange through a sum of 45 dazzling performances that left the audience enthralled.

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Firstly, the Chinese troupe performed its Yao dance, also known as “Long Drum,” that dates back to the Han dynasty. Japan also did several traditional dances, namely, Kokiriko Bushi and Hanagasa Ondo. And of course, the Italians pulled their all-time iconic Tarantella!


Arab performers, representing every region in the Middle East, showcased a splendid diversity. When the Sudanese troupe performed their ancient Ardah, the Jordanian one mastered their Dabkah. And while Iraqis delivered their Gobi art, Yemenis came prepared with the Al Samrah dance, which belongs to Yafi and Al Awd mountain arts.

Each one featured colorful traditional costumes unique to its people.

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Lastly, Saudi Arabia enthralled the audience with 20 groups, presenting radiational dances from various regions in the Kingdom.

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