4 Benefits of Mobile Trading and Investing

Never before has it been so easy to trade and invest using mobile devices. Just over the last couple of years, the market has exploded and today, every serious online broker in the world has an app on offer.

Generally speaking, many of the people that do trade using their phones are new and inexperienced traders. That is not because the software isn’t good enough for professionals but rather due to pros being skeptical to new technology.

But don’t let your skepticism fool you, just look at Robinhood as an example. That’s one of the most innovative fintech companies in the U.S. right now and they only offer an app, no desktop software whatsoever.

Therefore, we decided to bust this myth today and highlight four of the greatest benefits of mobile trading and investment.

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The number one benefit of mobile trading software is availability. Traditionally, one could only trade and analysis assets when at home, in front of a computer which meant you always risked missing out on opportunities.

Nowadays, since you can download a trading app to your phone and bring it anywhere, you won’t miss as many opportunities. In fact, you can be trading on your way to work, during your lunch break, and even when grocery shopping. Similarly, you won’t have to worry about not closing a position at the right time just because you’re not home.

As you probably understand, this is a huge benefit that all traders and investors can and should take advantage of.

Advanced Software and the Latest Technology

Since the mobile trading market is still rather new, brokers are spending a lot of time and resources on developing and optimizing their mobile software. In turn, that means you’ll always have access to the latest technology.

Also, even though mobile trading is a rather new concept, it’s still been around long enough that much of the software is already very advanced. Only a few years ago, mobile trading apps were very basic and many of them didn’t even support actual trading but only analytics.

Today, the market is very different and you can do pretty much everything you can with a trading app as you can with a full-blown platform.

Simpler Features

While mobile trading platforms are almost as efficient as their desktop counterparts, they are still limited in some ways, mostly due to the mobile devices themselves as well as the size of the screen.

That means that many features have been simplified while others have been omitted completely. But that isn’t necessarily a negative aspect, rather the opposite especially for beginners.

If you never traded before or if you just got started, it can be a benefit to use tools and features that are a little more simple and it will give you an advantage when you start trading more seriously later on.

Automatic Investments

Lastly, as a little bonus tip, there are many automatic mobile investment tools on the market right now. We’re not talking about trading robots, which there are a lot of, but apps that invest automatically for you.

For example, Acorn is an app that you connect to your debit or credit card, and everything you purchase with that card, the app rounds up your spare change and invests it in a portfolio of Exchange-traded funds.

Even though these apps aren’t a great way to get rich quickly, you should never underestimate the power of regular and “safe” investments.

With that, we hope we’ve managed to inform you about the benefits of mobile trading and given you the courage to try it on your own.

WE SAID THIS: It’s not a requirement to trade on your phone but it’s definitely something you should consider. As shown above, there are too many benefits for it to be ignored.