27 Movies You Wouldn’t Believe Were Filmed in Jordan

With a sea, forest, desert, and big city, Jordan is the perfect backdrop for any silver screen story from invasion of robots to historical tales of the past to romantic tragedies. Along with being a phenomenal setting for screenplays, many movie buffs in the region chose Jordan to film their movies since the Jordanian Royal Film Commission has been working to promote filming in the country.


“45 minutes to Ramallah” – Directed by Ali Samadi Ahadi (Germany) 2012


Arab people time takes on a whole new meaning in this comedy of two brothers try to bury their father in Ramallah 45 minutes away from Jerusalem.



“3,000 Nights” – Directed by Mai Masri – (Palestine/Jordan) 2014

A school teacher, a mother, and a prisoner struggles to survive and raise a child in an Israeli prison.



“A 7-Hour Difference” – Directed by Deema Amr (Jordan) 2010

Different religions, different cultures, but one love. A 7 Hour Difference follows a test Star crossed lovers have their have their relationship tested in Jordan.



“Captain Abu Raed” – Directed by Amin Matalqa (Jordan) 2007

Dreams come to life in this Sundance Grand Jury Prize nominated film where an airport janitor tells tales of adventure and offer a glimmer of hope for the underprivileged neighborhood children.



“Free Zone” – Directed by Amos Gitai  (France) 2005

The Middle East has proven to be a sea of chaos in which these unlikely women find themselves in the midst of all the madness trying to reach safety and internal salvation.

“From A to B” – Directed by Ali Mostafa – (UAE) 2014

Time and distance prove to be the greatest test for 3 estranged friends who come together to take the trip they had promised to take with their late friend who passed in the Lebanon war.




“Hurt Locker” – Directed by Kathryn Bigelow (USA) 2007


This controversial film takes on the story of an army bomb squad and an unconcveitional sergeant’s ways during the Iraq War.


“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” – Directed by Steven Spielberg (USA) 1989

One of the greatest classic films of all time, archeologist Indiana Jones takes on the Nazis and save the day as his father had in the past.

“Lawrence of Arabia” – Directed by David Lean (USA) 1962

In one of the greatest classics, Lawerence of Arabia features the late Omar Sharif, one of the most beloved Arab actors of all time.

“May in the Summer” – Directed by Cherien Daibes  (Jordan) 2012

Love, religion, and finding one’s self in a film that captures a tale of a woman’s struggle to chose between what’s right and what she wants.


“Mission to Mars” – Directed by Brian de Palma (USA) 2000

Jordan acts as the red planet where a rescue mission to Mars takes a disastrous and unexpected turn when attempting to find survivors.

“Prometheus” – Directed by Ridley Scott (USA) 2011


The theory of not being along in the universe plays out in this film of a team who finds signs of life on a distant planet.

“Red Planet” – Directed by Anthony Hoffman  (USA) 2000

Things go horribly wrong for Astronauts and their robotic dog searching for a way to save Earth on Mars.

“Rosewater” – Directed by Jon Stewart (USA) 2013

The true story of the Gary Webb a journalist investigating the CIA and imprisoned by the Iranian government for being accused of being a spy.

“Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger” – Directed by Sam Wanamaker (U.K.) 1977

An unlikely group of misfits band together to find the brother of a Persian prisoner in the 1977 classic.

“Theeb” – Directed by Naji Abu Nowar –  (Jordan) 2015

The Oscar nominated film tells a tale of a young bedouin boy living in Wadi Rum during WWI and his journey to grow up in a tribal society.n

“The Ambassador” – Directed by J.Lee Thompson –  (USA) 1984

In the pursuit to uncover the blood diamond trade in Africa a Danish journalist goes undercover as an ambassador to bring forth the truth.

“The Idol”  – Directed by Hany Abu Assad (Palestine/UK/Qatar/UAE/Netherlands) 2015

One of the most beloved Palestinians of all time, The Idol tells the true story of Mohammed Assaf in his journey to make it out of Gaza and win the 2013 season of Arab Idol. 

“The Martian” – Directed by Ridley Scott (USA) 2015

A tale of survival, Astronaut Mark Watney is abandoned on Mars after a storm on the red planet and struggling to find a way to get back to Earth.

“The Mummy Returns” – Directed by Stephen Sommers (USA) 2001

The sequel of the mummy favorite film follows the team as they work together to defeat Imhotep who is seeking to reek havoc once again.

“The United” – Directed by Amin Matalqa (USA) 2011

Hopes, dreams, and  soccer take a funny turn in this film when a former Egyptian coach is brought to Jordan to whip a hopeless team in shape for a big game.

“Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” – Directed by Michael Bay (USA) 2008

A war of robots takes place in the desert of Jordan as good and evil face off in the sequel to the cult hit.

“Waiting” – Directed by Rashid Mashrawi (Palestine) 2004

Bored at a restaurant Shenaniganz, the employees find a way to fend off their boredom and avoid adulthood with immature shenanigans.




“When I Saw You” – Directed by Annemarie Jacir (Palestine) 2011

A boy longing for his father in a Jordanian refugee camp grows up to face unprecendant reality and finds a hero in a Palestinian freedom fighter.


“When Monaliza Smiled” – Directed by Fadi Haddad (Jordan) 2011

A romcom following the awkward world of dating in today’s Arab society, When Monaliza Smiled tells the story of a quirky love story between an Egyptian and Jordanian.


“X-Men Apocalypse” – Directed by Brian Singer (USA) 2015

This prequel envisions the world of X-Men in a world in a time of a threat of mutant extinction.

“Zero Dark Thirty” – Directed by Kathryn Bigelow (USA) 2012

American Navy SEALs trek through the Middle East looking for Osama bin Laden in one of the most disputed stories of the decade comes takes place with Amman taking the place of Islamabad, Pakistan. American Navy SEALS.



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