25 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Do At 25

(Manik Rathee/flickr)
(Manik Rathee/flickr)
(Manik Rathee/flickr)


I’ve made many mistakes in life, so many so that if I had a reality show it’d be called “I F*cked Up So You Didn’t Have To” because I’m caring like that. As I approach my quarter life crisis (25), I have lived, learned, and f*cked up big time, all for the sake of doing this life thing without missing out, and it is time to pass that wisdom onto the world. While I haven’t done all these things, I have either come pretty close, or dodge it or just had no self control and gave in.


Here are the 25 things your probably shouldn’t do (but probably will anyway) at 25.



  • Get in a relationship
  • Rely on take out for daily meals
  • Waste your money on clothes
  • Let other people have a say in your life
  • Sleep with strangers

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  • Not give a shit about the bigger picture
  • Get engaged
  • Not travel because you’re afraid of getting killed
  • Drive, anywhere
  • Assume your body and metabolism are frozen in time




  • Not be politically aware
  • Use Facebook as a source of actual news
  • Being politically aware
  • Allow drama in your life
  • Get married




  • Ignore your family
  • Sleep with your co-worker
  • Move to a third world country
  • Not try drugs
  • Get pregnant




  • Try drugs
  • Continue dating a good guy just ’cause he’s a good guy
  • Leave your high paying job for a stressful low paying one
  • Hold back on life ’cause you’re scared of the unknown
  • Not make mistakes




WE SAID THIS: Now go out there and do all things you really shouldn’t because this is life and it’s up to you to live however the hell you want. K thanx bai.