2 Men Arrested In Dubai Mere Moments Before Flight Liftoff In Connection To Heist

Events unfolded in the UAE’s Dubai that resembled an action movie, as two men linked to a jewelry heist were arrested from a plane at the DXB airport mere moments before their flight took off.

What Happened?

Dubbed “Operation Tracker” by the Dubai Police, the mission started as soon as a store owner reported to police that someone had stolen a diamond-encrusted necklace from one of the store’s displays.

The police sprang into action, launching an investigation, the result of which was the apprehension of the two suspects 12 hours from the first report. The police later released a post on social media detailing how they tracked the two suspects using CCTV footage when they first entered the country, committed the theft, and tried to escape before getting caught.

A Plan Out Of An Ocean’s Film

It all started when two men of European origin arrived in Dubai on the same flight; they made their way through customs before reaching their hotel. Once checked in the two men changed clothes and were seen walking outside the hotel with two bags and making a three-kilometer journey to a construction site, where they changed their attire as well as wore wigs and glasses.

The arrival of the two suspects in Dubai’s airport, where they were face-scanned, via Twitter

After walking a further three kilometers, the two suspects tried to evade surveillance by riding ten different vehicles in a period of ten hours, going as far as entering a hotel, and sitting in the lounge to make sure they weren’t followed. They later left their lounge and went to their target jewelry store situated in another hotel lobby. Unfortunately for them, CC security cameras still tracked all their movements and actions.

The camera loomed over the two suspects as they stood in front of the store’s window display. One of the two men worked on the lock to crack it open, while the other stood facing the corridor as a lookout. Moments later, one of the suspects opened the display and reached in, taking the expensive necklace.

After committing the crime, the two men fled the scene heading back to the previously visited construction site, where they changed to their original clothes and got rid of the wigs and other attire before finally heading to their hotel.

Their Downfall

The following morning, the two men checked out of the hotel and went to the DXB airport to escape; after getting on the plane, thinking they were free, the police arrived and arrested them.

In their social media post, the police shared that they found the suspects discarded wigs and clothes at the construction site, along with evidence of their plan to steal the necklace at their hotel. Lastly, the police showed all the footage that helped identify them leading to their arrest.


People and citizens filled the comments section of the social media post hailing police as heroes, thanking them for their swift work and ability to keep the city safe.

While there isn’t any news regarding the current status of the two suspects, the normal procedure against anyone who committed theft is imprisonment between six months and three years along with a hefty fine, depending on the severity of the case. However, the sentencing can be even harsher, with the prison time increasing due to the two men conspiring to commit the crime as well.

“Deportation rids the community of social menace. Expatriates com to the Emirates to enjoy security and work. It is imperative to get rid of those who commit major crimes, such as committing murder, drugs, trafficking, and theft,” Judge Ahmed Ibrahim Saif, head of Dubai Civil Court and the former chief justice of Dubai Criminal Court told The National News, in 2018.

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