10 Cairo Planners That’ll Make Your Dream Wedding Come to Life

It seems to be wedding season every season in Egypt, but now more than ever! We know how stressful planning a wedding can be and we know all you bridezillas want this special occasion to be exactly like you’ve been planning it in your head since you were a little kid. That’s why we’ve put together some of the best, most creative wedding planners in Egypt that will make your wildest dreams come to life and make your wedding truly spectacular.

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White Bliss Wedding and Events Planning

Dedicated to making your dreams a reality, these planners will make the wedding of your dreams come to life, with a few extra artistic touches. With degrees in Fine Arts as interior designers, Sarah Fahmy and Donia Al Naggar really know what they’re doing.

Their talent as well as their creative ideas and how they manage to make your wedding fantasies come true in the most spectacular way will make your wedding a night to remember.

Dina Zaki

Dina Zaki is an event specialist and wedding planner that creates exceptional and unforgettable weddings. It’s always colorful, unique, and feminine with Dina, not to mention the gorgeous flower arrangements and decorations that are just to die for.


Chic, luxurious, feminine, and simple are the words to describe this wedding planner. Whatever theme you’re looking for, ‘Tailor’d’ will get it “tailored” to the image you have in your head. Whatever you fancy, you’re in for a wedding that will leave your guests in awe.

Bordure Events

Not every wedding is a copy of the previous one, especially when Bordure is your wedding planner. They come up with creative ideas and give you the fairytale wedding you always dreamed of.

Zeena Events

Everything you ever imagined for your dream wedding will come to life with Zeena. Their social media is full of wonderful images of happy couples celebrating their love in the most astonishing venues, with decorations that are just breathtaking!

Heba & Noran Wedding Planner

With their motto ‘We Got Your Back’, they don’t just plan your wedding, they design and style it with creative, simple details to make it extravagant and unique.

Le Reve Wedding & Event Planning

With nine years of experience, these guys have done it all! Anything that comes to mind is possible. They will for sure level up and design every detail of your dream wedding.

Flower Tag

Escape reality and be in paradise for a day, because your wedding will be this gorgeous. Your wedding day deserves to be unique, and it sure will be with Flower Tag as your planners.

Flower Power

Who said your wedding can’t be heavenly? Whatever you wish for will come true with Flower Power’s decorations. They have been in the market since 1986! You can rest assured that your wedding will be magically flawless.

Ahmed Yassin Wedding Planner

Luxury is an understatement when describing this wedding planner. Ahmed Yassin has planned many A-list and celebrities weddings that are just out of this world. He can create your fairytale in a blink of an eye.

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