13 Reasons Why…I Will Eat Renga to Death This Weekend

Easter is finally here and Egypt is in a shopping frenzy for feseekh and renga. We are quite aware of the fact that many unlucky souls still fail to understand the beauty of such festivities; how the mere thought of rotten food leaves them gagging. We pity you! You are missing out on so much, especially if you are a sour food addict.


There are a few things in life I would sacrifice my boring existence for, but I have 13 reasons why our traditional Easter meal is worth your life:



How dare you accuse it of being stinky? This fish, along with feseekh, has defined the laws of time and physics and tolerated the agony of its own odor just for your pleasure




It brings nothing but joy. This isn’t food, this is tradition, this is culture, this is history and you are nothing if you are not in its presence


Via Dianadoll80



This plate has the ability to make anyone drool more than the sight of a shirtless 20-year-old Brad Pitt in Legends of The Fall. I pity you for having dry salivary glands




It comes in all sizes and shapes. Grilled, fried, salad or pickled; this is the mighty powerful joker of the water




I would die for this plate a thousand deaths. This is heaven!




This salad is a mix of tehina, renga, onion, lemon, and spices. This is a salad that would force you to ignore your main course at a restaurant. This is a salad worth dying for




I would die for renga because life is easy with renga. You can just throw this piece of fish in bread and sigh for an eternity.




I will die for it this weekend to express my gratitude as it helps us delude ourselves into thinking it’s a healthy salad. We forget about the salt and water retention in front of its beauty


Via Chowhound



This jar is a huge part of every Arab’s kid’s childhood.


Via tumblr



The look is of green onions next to what barbarians call it rotten fish is visionary. It does things to your soul




It is a universal food. It brings all sorts of people from all different parts of the world together. For one weekend, we live in world of peace




It is the only food that makes feseekh, a truly rotten creature, taste like a volcano of pleasure in your taste buds. Renga has that kind of power




I will eat renga to death this weekend because just look at that beauty!!!




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