12 Types of Friends that We All Have


Throughout our lives, we’ve made quite a lot of friends and encountered so many different types of people, which made us realize that there are certain roles you’ll find in most groups of friends.

Here are some of the types you’ve probably come across. Which one are you?


The Conscience



Everyone has that one friend who questions your every move and makes you feel so guilty. You find yourself thinking, “What would Sara say?” rather than questioning the morality behind a certain act.

These friends are the ones who keep you on the right path (when they can influence your opinion) or at least give you hell for anything that you shouldn’t have done!


The Storyteller


If you didn’t know them better, you’d think they were just making up stories from the ridiculous amount of crazy stories they ALWAYS have to share.

There isn’t a dull moment that goes by when this friend is around. You find yourself wishing that you’d encounter just one of the incidents this friend seems to always be getting into.


The “Weird” One


The awkward friend who we have to warn people about or apologize for when we introduce them to new people. They’re perfectly wonderful, just a bit eccentric at times – or, all of the time – but we love them for it!


The Know-It-All


If there’s one friend you should have on speed dial, it’s definitely this one! Why turn to Google or call the operator when you can ring your friend and ask the most random questions about the most random places and get a list of possible answers?

This friend is usually our saviour. How they have all that information about any topic that crosses your mind beats me!


The Glue that Holds Everyone Together


If it wasn’t for this friend, the entire group would be history. This friend is the heart and soul of any group. They have a gift for keeping the whole group intact regardless of how busy or far away everyone is.

They put in the extra effort to keep the group part of the present, constantly throwing parties, reunions, events or even as simple as keeping everyone informed on what’s happening in other people’s lives.

They make you feel at home and will forever hold a place in your heart because the entire group relies on them for just about everything.


The Friend We All Secretly Hate


In every group, there’s always a person who we question why we’re friends with them. Whether it was because we were partners or all studied together, this friend is still part of the group out of routine more than anything.

If you’re wondering who that person is in your group and feel clueless, then tough luck, that person is probably you!


The Witty One


Some people were just born funny. Just hearing them say hello somehow manages to get everyone on the floor laughing their heads off.

We don’t know what it is about them, but you’re just always eager to see them, forget about the world and end up with a stomach ache, unable to breathe because you can’t stop laughing.


The ‘Masla7gy’

Hands with  money

Every once in a while you find this friend popping out of nowhere, trying to seem interested. But you just know that when they show up, it means that something is up.

Once they’ve got what they need, they’ll disappear again before you even know it.


The Shoulder to Cry On

a shoulder to cry on

Just got in a fight with your parents or dumped by your boyfriend? Who else would you turn to other than this person.

When he or she is around, you usually start out by saying, “I don’t want to talk about it”, but somehow end up telling them the entire story without missing a single detail!

Whether it’s a miraculous gift or they hypnotize you in some way, these kinds of friends just put everything on hold, ready to hear your latest outburst, taking the weight off your shoulders.

This person backs you up, makes you feel that everything will be alright and that they’ll always be there to support you no matter what. If there’s one person that you seriously can’t live without out, it’s this friend!


The E-friend


It’s like you’re best friends on WhatsApp, Facebook or any form of social media, but seeing them in person just feels a bit awkward.

Some people are just a lot nicer in their online version.


The Bad Influence


This friend has trouble written alllll over them! Your parents hate this friend for a reason, but still this person is loads of fun! You do the craziest things that your parents wouldn’t even imagine you knew about.

Most of these friends come in a certain phase and disappear, unless you plan on being a trouble-maker for the rest of your life.


The Friend that Knows Too Much


The friend that’s been there in every memory and knows your deepest, darkest secrets. They can get you to do anything they want to by threatening to reveal one of your most foolish acts.

When this friend is around, you really don’t have a choice! Unless you kill them just to make sure your secrets are buried with them!


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