12 Perks of Living Alone in the Middle East

(Izarbe Murillo/flickr)

As I ring in my seventh month moving from San Francisco to Cairo, I’m cherishing and celebrating many perks including the perks of being on my own for the first time. As I pondered the idea of either getting a new apartment or getting a roommate to save money I really soaked on the idea of what it would be like to live with someone else. I came to the conclusion that as a young single “adult” there’s nothing quite as exciting, relaxing, and empowering as living on my own.

1. First and foremost, constant unapologetic nudity



Nothing beats coming home to an empty house where you can walk around in your birthday suit and not be judged.


2. No one to answer to


me myself

When you come late, early, come home upset, come home with a camel…it’s all good ain’t no one going to get your case about it.


3. Drama free zone



There’s no he said she said, over staying your welcome in the common area, getting into your personal life and all that jazz.



4. You can have guests over (or not) whenever you want



If you decide to have a camping session in the middle of your living room with your crew till AM, you can do that without getting sh*t for it. Or you can lock yourself at home with your cat and Netflix all day.



5. You can be a total slob (or neat freak)


hot mess

No one is going to nag you about a sink full of dishes or if you decide to scrub the floors at 2 AM like a freak, cause there’s no one to judge you…except that little voice inside. But what do they know?!


6. You don’t have to compromise over stupid sh*t


do what i want

Your TV schedule, your closet space, your pants on top of the refrigerator; it’s your place and you don’t have to be diplomatic with anyone…except maybe your (12) cats?


7. You can sleep in or wake up early on the weekends as you please


distrub my slumber

Nothing beats a sleep schedule that’s catered to your lazy lifestyle, and no one to interrupt it except maybe the little nawari neighbor kids who think it’s okay to wake up at the crack of dawn on weekends and play soccer outside your window. #RUDE.



8. Putting on a man/woman show is socially acceptable



A few necessities everyone needs in their own place: pots, a mop, a killer stereo system for karaoke night aka every night!


9. You can come and go as you please



There’s no one to monitor when you leave (if you ever leave) your place, or who you come back with…except your bawab, but hey they’re judging you anyway so YOLO.



10. You don’t have to share anything with anyone



I don’t share my cheese, my blanket, the remote, or my booze. I shall and will not, I refuse. NO.



11. You can be your weird ass-self all the time


dancing weird

I will walk around my apartment speaking to myself in terrible Australian accent in a high pitched voice and will not be judged for it…except for my neighbors who can probably hear me, but who cares?!



12. A true sense of independence


i bought it
You’re paying all the bills, and it gives you that extra sense of beastliness. GET IT SON!


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