‘100 Million Meals’: Huda Kattan Joins in on Giving to the Largest Food Campaign in the Middle East

Huda Kattan is no stranger when it comes to her staggering beauty brand Huda Beauty, and her humanitarian participation as well. Ever since the UAE’s ‘100 Million Meals’ campaign was launched recently, serving as the region’s largest campaign of its kind in cooperation with the World Food Programme (WFP), over 1.5 million meals have already been distributed. During the pandemic, the UAE launched a 10 million meal campaign to extend a helping hand to those hit the worst during the pandemic, and this campaign serves as an amplified extension to the campaign. The UAE has been adamant in its efforts to tackle malnutrition and hunger in the developing world, and joining in these efforts was Kattan herself. Before we get into her participation, scroll down to see how you can take part in the campaign as well.

Taking Action

There are a number of ways you can donate. The first is going directly to the campaign’s website, www.100millionmeals.ae; second, you can call the center of the campaign on the toll-free number 8004999; third, you can make a direct donation transfer to the bank account assigned for the campaign itself through the Dubai Islamic Bank (AE080240001520977815201), and fourth, you can send an SMS in English saying “meal” to specified numbers in the UAE for the Du and/or Etisalat networks that are listed on the website of the campaign.

A History of Humanity

This isn’t the first time we’ve witnessed Kattan perform acts of compassion and sympathy for other people’s struggles. In the summer of 2020, she donated $500,000 towards the NAACP Legal Defence Fund, the civil and human rights organization that supports low-income African Americans with the necessary legal assistance and aid they require. This donation came in light of the nationwide protests that erupted within the US regarding the killing of African American George Floyd by a police officer. “Now is a time to listen, learn and reflect. We are joining in the fight against systemic racism, and we encourage those who aren’t familiar with the Black Lives Matter movement to educate themselves and take action,” Kattan said. In addition, Kattan also stepped up towards racist and violent actions that were committed against Asian communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Using her massive social platform, the statement read “At Huda Beauty, we stand against racism of any kind. Today, we want (to) draw attention to the violent hate crimes against the Asian community that have increased dramatically since the pandemic began.”

One Million Meals 

Now back to the ongoing campaign, Kattan used her cosmetics brand in order to distribute over one million meals to the cause. In her statement on the matter, she says that its unfathomable that in the year 2021, malnutrition continues to remain an issue worldwide, and the statistics show a child dies every 10 seconds due to starvation. Check out Kattan’s video below, as she speaks her mind on the matter.

Kattan continues to use her platform for the wellbeing of others, making her a true inspiration both as an entrepreneur as well as a humanitarian figure!

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