10 Ways Working Moms Put Working Men To Shame

If you think motherhood is overwhelming and exhausting, try maintaining a career on the side. Working moms are a force to be reckoned with; they are simply the most awe-inspiring triple threats you will ever meet. They are wives, mothers and employees.

Here are some of the daily challenges every working mom goes through, just in case you haven’t noticed what an exquisite specimen she is.



1. You wake before dawn to prepare a lunch box that will leave your kid’s school mates jealous.






2. By the time you are at work at 9 am, you would have already cooked, showered, fed and dressed the kids and yourself, dropped them off at a nursery or school and defeated Cairo’s traffic jam to reach your office just in time.






3. You become a professional multi-functioning machine. You can e-mail, cook, eat and clean all at once.






4. You don’t remember the word “nap”. You are permanently sleep-deprived yet function perfectly.






5. After you finish work, you try to beat the traffic again to pick up your kids and take them to their (swimming, soccer, judo, etc.) practice and cheer for them on game days.






6. After practice, you drive home with your hungry kids, feed them and your husband, then do the dishes.






7. Now it’s time to convince your kids that they need to study to make something of themselves and deal with the infamous lie, “I forgot my books at school”.






8. Now that the kids are asleep, you have a decision to make. Do you finish some of your postponed work? Do you select your outfit for the next day so you get an extra 15 minutes of sleep? Or do you try to sit with your husband with a smile on your face, pretending not to be exhausted so he won’t think you are depressing? But, you decide you are too tired to do anything.






9. You never sleep after 10 pm.






10. You think about quitting your job daily but you know it is the only remaining part of the old you and it keeps you centered, so you just decide to show every other working man how it’s actually done.






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