10 Tips to All BBQ Fanatics to Follow This Summer

The glorious summer is always undone without the fragrance of barbecue and hot summer smoothies. The blue skies behind sinister clouds and cold breezes can elevate your mood for sure. You may even have grown enthusiastic to try grill for the first run while waiting for the warmth and sunshine. 

Being barbecue fanatics is never easy. You must know the art of grilling and the common mistakes that every novice encounters while grilling. Though it may look effortless in flipping rib-eye steaks and brushing oil on the meat, cooking the perfect BBQ is a completely different skill set.

To cook the perfect meats, all newbies must know the repeated mistakes that people make while grilling. Let’s find more about these mistakes and how to correct them to save the day.

1. No Preheating Your Grill

Most novice grillers are so in a rush that they do not bother about preheating grills. When you put raw foods on grills before preheating the grill, you will burn the outside and the meats will be undercooked inside. Also, there will be an uneven heat distribution to your food item. 


Get the fuel in and preheat the grill before you start cooking. 

2. Use of Lighter Fluid on Charcoal

Most novices try to use lighter fluid to ignite charcoal quickly. This can make your grill acrid in taste, and the odor is completely foul. It is true that smoke is fundamental to quality grills. In the modern days of cooking, there are the Smoky Mountains to help spread smoke homogeneously around your grills.

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This review of Smoky Mountains can help you find the best option for you. Also, you can control the temperature in a closing vent while the grill adds the best flavor to your recipe.


When using traditional charcoal, use a chimney starter instead of lighter fuel to get the best experience. The most common practice is to light a newspaper, put it on the charcoal, and wait for 10-15 minutes. In just 15 minutes, your coals ash over, and you are ready to go. 

3. Use of Forks

It is essential to flip the grilled meat at some point in cooking. However, beginners make mistakes by using a fork for this. This will make unnecessary holes, and the meat will lose its inner trapped moisture in no time, making it dry to eat and dull.


Instead of using forks, you can use a spatula or tongs to flip BBQ items. 

4. Checking Temperature Frequently

Too much curiosity and impatience often lead to this mistake. The change of temperature and the frequent opening of vents can hurt the texture of the meat. Any uneven heat-wave distribution can leave any portion uncooked or undercooked below standards.  


It is better not to check before the half-hour mark. Checking once or twice an hour will serve the purpose.

5. No Idea of Direct and Indirect Heating

As a newbie, most people lack the knowledge about direct and indirect heating for the grilling process. Direct heating is used for short pieces of meat and indirect heating is used for the larger chunks of meat. In case of direct heating, heat is directly applied under the food while in indirect heating, you are heating foods from the sides. 

Direct heating is mostly used to make the food crispy, while indirect heating is for long hours of cooking and makes things juicy for you. 


Check your recipe and apply the correct heat in order for the best grilling experience. 

6. Applying Sauce Too Early

Sometimes, overexcitement can turn things off for you. Too much excitement often leads novice grillers to add BBQ sauce too early. As smart as that sounds, that does not help; instead, it ruins the entire recipe. Also, adding too much sauce will caramelize too early for your grill, resulting in burned crusts and undercooked meat.


Most experts believe you should only use the sauce in the last ten minutes of cooking. You can brush extra virgin olive oil or butter on the meats while cooking.

7. Overheating Your Grills

Excessive heat will only burn the outside and leave the inner meat undercooked. That is completely awful in taste. Being a novice, it is common not to understand the proper temperature for your grill. Even big chefs had hurdles at one point. Neither overheating or overcooking will help your recipe. You must get things right for the perfect taste. 


Use meat thermometers to check the temperatures. Your grilling guideline should have mentioned the optimum temperature needed. Check the temperature of your grill for the best possible outcome. 

8. No Adequately Cleaned Grills 

The newcomers are never interested in cleaning. Instead, they try different recipes one after another. However, inadequate cleaning causes some leftovers from the earlier recipe that integrate with the latest one, which is a complete disruption to the overall taste. Surely, you won’t love the smell of tuna in a beef patty.


Make a cleaning solution of white vinegar and water. Now spray the liquid and clean the grates before use. If you don’t have vinegar, you can try using half of a sliced onion or potato and rub it on warm grates. It will loosen up all sticky grit, and you will then find it easy to clean. 

9. Crowding the Grills

Crowding too many items on grills can challenge your cooking. Some of your foods can be overcooked while others may remain undercooked. Also, cooking different items on the same platform can have a significant change in the overall taste. 

Cooking is fun, but crowding the grill unnecessarily can put you under stress. Yes, expert chefs can do it. They have years of experience in that, but as a novice griller, this can be a disaster for you. 


Keep enough space between your food items and cook with pleasure, not with stress. 

10. Let it Rest After Cooking

The outer muscle fibers of meat tense up after cooking. This pushes moisture into the inner portion of meat. If you cut just after you cook it, this moisture will ooze out on your plate and your meat becomes dry.


Let it rest for five to ten minutes after cooking. This will help to relax the fibers, and the moisture will evenly distribute throughout your meat. That makes the grill juicier for your dining. 

Final Verdict  

It is no rocket science in cooking the perfect grilled foods. However, novice grillers lack ideas and make common mistakes. If you follow these above-listed tips, hopefully, you can cook the best grill items of this season. Try it; there is always room to learn. 

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