10 Things You Can Do in the Desert

(Ghizlane Kai Sou/flickr)

The desert isn’t just something you pass on the way from one urban center to the next, or what’s “out there” beyond the city’s outskirts and compound walls.

The desert can be a playground, or an open-air respite from crowded concrete city blocks and all the neuroses contained within them. The desert can be freedom.

1. Go sand boarding and try to stay standing for as long as you can

(Mahmoud Selim/500px)
(Mahmoud Selim/500px)

2. Go dune bashing and test your off-roading skills

3. Stare out into the universe with all of its billions and billions of galaxies and ponder your own minuscule existence

(Ghizlane Kai Sou/flickr)
(Ghizlane Kai Sou/flickr)

4. Drink Bedouin tea, traditionally made extra sweet with wild sage

5. Go quad biking and unleash the rebel inside of you


6. Take a dip in the desert’s natural springs and lakes

7. Channel your inner hippie and jam in a drum circle


8. Eat a traditional Bedouin dinner cooked in an underground, makeshift oven

9. Go camel racing and try not to bruise your bum

(Gregory Rohart/500px)
(Gregory Rohart/500px)

10. Stage a fabulous desert photo shoot

WE SAID THIS: Congratulations and well done to Photo Boutique Egypt on your Isabel Marant shoot!