10 Reviewed


After speaking to the masterminds behind 10 (the new hip salon that just hit Zamalek), I decided to check it out for myself. The salon is hard to miss, and it gives off a very inviting feeling. The greeting you receive at the door from owners Laurice and Soraya makes you feel right at home. I asked for a run of the mill mani/pedi. As soon as I sat down, Laurice called out my manicurist and, to my surprise, it was a dude named Gihad. I did my best to hide my shock, but I’m always open to new experiences. I chit-chatted with Laurice and Soraya while trying not to seem too old fashioned and trip over the fact that Gihad was, well, a guy. People dropped by for tattoos and nails while Gihad worked his magic. I sipped on my coffee and enjoyed the salon, until it hit me… This was the best manicure I’ve ever had in Egypt! Really. Gihad is a star. He’s efficient, clean and does one hell of a polish job.

I left the salon with a satisfactory mani/pedi, and will definitely head there again… and again… and again.

WE SAID THIS: Can he do it better than she can?

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