10 Online Inactivities That Aren’t all That Personal

With social media users growing by the millions, so has our varied uses of it as a means of fulfillment. We’ve become entirely obsessed with the tiniest details, that it can make or break our day. From someone not following us back, cancelling on us, to removing a picture they’re tagged in, here are 10 online behaviors, or in this case, lack thereof, that have more often than not, triggered way more emotions and thoughts than necessary.

If they cancel on us

This is usually a big insult, especially in Egypt. Being cancelled on means that the person saw the call and is explicitly telling you that they are choosing not to answer you. We often take this to heart, or on a personal basis. However, while it could be personal, there are a multitude of other reasons for which a call is not taken, and this should go without saying.

If they don’t follow us back

We, too, take this to heart. How could they not follow us back? Sure it’s – to an extent – understandable why this may feel “rude,” or, “insulting.” But it shouldn’t be a factor worthy of a sustained amount of attention. Often we are so wrapped up in the virtual world, that we fail to realize just how little it is representative of the world in which we actually live, and more so, the actual connections we hold – or don’t hold – with others.

If they’re online but don’t answer us

As widespread as this one is, as ridiculous as it is. At a closer look, I’ve always found this one quite peculiar. Do we actually expect for our messages to be answered promptly? And that all the times in which the person receiving these messages is available, must be allocated to us? More or less, get over it. If you think about it with a bit of logic, it is perfectly fine for someone to be online and not be all over our messages.

Answers us with ‘ok’

This again goes back to the meanings missed in between texts. “Ok” could mean so many things. Sure, one of them could mean that the person is being stand-offish. But that is definitely not the one possible interpretation.

Doesn’t repost a story we tagged them in

Maybe they can’t have a family member see it? Maybe they prefer to keep certain aspects of their life private? Or perhaps maybe they really don’t want to be seen with you? Whatever the reason is, it should not be one so crucial to the extent that it highlights the quality of the rest of your day.

Takes days to answer

No need to elaborate much on this one. People get busy, and they have their own lives going on.

The blue check

The sight of this is an instant trigger for all of us, myself included. If it’s not accompanied with a response, it means we’ve been ignored. And how can such a possibility even exist? Well it does. And it’s perfectly okay for it to happen.

Sees our story but doesn’t answer our dms

Again and again, the point highlighted here is that people aren’t tailored to our liking, nor do they exist to be available at all times, and when they are, that need not mean for us. We must start getting comfortable with that idea, and facing the simple reality that people will see our messages and our calls, and not want or be able to answer us. And that is absolutely normal. If you ask yourselves, you must be doing it too. So don’t be surprised when you fall victim to it.

Removes a picture we’re tagged in

This is similar to the aforementioned point, but for Facebook. I’m sure you have your own pictures that you don’t want to be accessed by everyone or seen publicly, so why can’t you accept the same standards for someone else?

Takes along time to accept a friend request

No, they aren’t necessarily trying to be cold or ignoring your friend request on purpose. There are infinite reasons why a friend request is taking a long time to be accepted, or not, and no need to get into each and every potential reason.

The point of the matter here is that social media is not a reflection of what we mean to people, or what they mean to us. It is not a reflection of how we live our lives, or how they live theirs. At best, it is an extension of these things, and for these reasons, we must not take how they are presented to heart, because very rarely do they come from that place. Ignored or not, on purpose or not, there are more checks to assess in life, and whether or not they’re blue, should not be one.

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