10 Films Every Arab Millennial Raised On Cable TV Has Played At least Once!

Growing up in the Middle East with cable television, we’ve all connected. All millennials have had the same TV channels, which played the same movies over and over again. No one hasn’t seen “Twilight” or “Rush Hour.” The Western, or American, 2000s movies have integrated their jokes and memes into our lives to this day. Here are 10 foreign movies that all Arab millennials have definitely seen!

Mean Girls

All Millenials have seen “Mean Girls.” They probably even went to school after watching and tried to figure out who is their school’s Queen Bee?

10 Things I Hate About You

The iconic movie got everyone singing Frank Sinatra’s, “I Love You, Baby.” It’s also where everyone’s crush on Heath Ledger started!


The horror movie franchise has kept young Millenials awake at night. Yet, everyone bought the killer’s mask and wore an “Abaya” with it, and ran after their siblings.

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White Chicks

The chick flick quickly made favorite movie lists. Honestly, no one can forget the talking tummy in the dressing room, or Terry Crews singing Vanessa Carlton’s, “A Thousand Miles.”


Step Up

Admit it, you’ve seen “Step Up” 1, 2, 3, and maybe even 4. Anyone who watched this movie as a child probably knows all the songs featured in it and asked their parent for hip-hop dancing classes at least once.

It’s a Boy Girl Thing

That’s the first movie that truly showed people how blessed they are to be in their own bodies. Aside from the cute love story, the movie is just plain fun!

Spy Kids

Growing up with “Spy Kids,” watching one movie after the other got us believing we can be spies and have our own gadgets.

She’s the Man

That one is just hilarious. Don’t try to lie and say that you didn’t develop a crush on Channing Tatum watching this movie.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Going on the rollercoaster that is the life of Bridget Jones is hilarious and fun. Her confusion and awkwardness were so relatable.

Beauty Shop

That’s the first movie to inspire us to start our own businesses and take control of our lives. With Queen Latifah in the lead, some laughter is due to happen.

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