10 Egyptian Destinations That Are so Much Better Than Sahel

By Lojain El Shawaf

When I say summer, you say Sahel! El Sahel tends to be the most desired Egyptian summer destination, but today, we’re putting it aside to explore some real exotic Egyptian beauty. You just might change your mind about the whole ”summer equals sahel” mindset after reading this.

Marsa Alam

If you want a once-in-a-lifetime diving experience then Marsa Alam is your perfect destination. The beautiful corals and the outstanding marinas out there offer a level of serenity that you won’t find anywhere else. Marsa Alam is known for the U-shaped Abu Dabab bay where tourists go to watch sea turtles and dugongs wandering in the sea. After you’re finished with the sea and want to start a new adventure, El Naaba lagoon has got you, offering you a great kite surfing site. And last but certainly not least, you can say bye bye with a camel ride in Wady El Gemal.


Dahab is no longer a stranger to Egyptians. We can say it used to be a summer destination for teenagers and students travelling on a budget a few years ago, but nowadays, it’s become a family destination. People of all ages visit Dahab all-year round. It’s known for it’s extraordinary landscapes and snorkeling and diving destinations, such as the Three Pools and the Blue Hole. There’s also the beach buggy trips into the mountains and the Bedouin camps you can stay in. You can also treat yourself and feast on absolutely delicious Bedouin food. Dahab’s night life has also been on the up in recent years. You can take a walk through the “Mamsha” and Mashraba Street and overwhelm yourself with the choice of cafes, bars, and restaurants on offer. Many of them double as music venues too as you’ll find live bands playing almost every night.

Ras Sudr

Want great weather and a relaxing lounge with your loved ones watching the sunset? Ras Sudr is the place to go. Great beaches? Check. Beautiful sea? Check. Ras Sudr can be your all time favorite destination.

Sahl Hasheesh

Talk about a cool destination where you can show off your outfits and feel like a tourist in your own home. Sahl Hasheesh offers beautiful beaches with a pinch of Sahel’s night life vibes so you can get the best of both worlds.


Via Itaka

Taba gives you the best life during the day but the nightlife depends on your choice of hotel. There are no places to hang out in at night but you can have the time of your life in the sun. With a destination this good in the morning, you won’t even need to go out at night.


At this exotic mountainous destination, you can put the beach aside and go on a climbing adventure. Head directly to Wady El Weshwash and book a Bedouin tour guide and let him show you the beauty of the valley’s lake. Also, you should definitely try the cliff jumping.

Giftun Island

Heading back to a beautiful diving destination is Giftun Island. It’s an old school place as people have been going there to dive for ages. But what’s more significant there is the extraordinary boat trips. You can take your friends, throw a party on the boat, relax, tan, and swim.

Ras Shitan

Get your sleeping bag ready because Ras Shitan is the perfect camping destination. This bedouin beauty is a must in any vacation in South Sinai.

Luxor and Aswan

The perfect trip for any history buff or Egyptophile, and the best way to have an unforgettable trip in Luxor and Aswan, on top of visiting the spectacular ancient monuments, is by booking the fanciest nile cruise you can possibly find.

Marsa Matrouh

A trip through memory lane, Marsa Matrouh was the destination for every Egyptian family but Sahel took the lead in recent years. Matrouh is home to some of the best coastlines in the country. There are phenomenal beaches here, with Agiba beach being the most famous and most visited one. The white sandy beaches are picture perfect and the turquoise waters are so clear, you’d mistake it for swimming pool water! You can also pay Cleopatra’s bath a visit for a little bit of history.

WE SAID THIS: So what do you think? Would you give Sahel a break and challenge your inner adventurer?