10 Egyptian Concept Stores to Treat Your Loved Ones With This Christmas

By Heidi Sallam

Concept stores are just LIFE! The moment you enter these stores you’ll have a massive smile on your face because you’ll be amazed at what they sell; everything you ask for and everything that hasn’t even crossed your mind will be there. You can find different cultures just in one place. From clothes and beauty to themed housewares, these Egyptian concept stores have everything you need to make this Christmas special.

So here’s a list for everyone who is lost and wants to buy some cozy trendy items for themselves, colleagues or their loved ones; whether for Christmas or not, these stores are life savors anytime and anywhere!

Pop Up Shop

Located on 90 Street, Downtown Mall, New Cairo

Its bright colors and amazing setting attract you into its maze where at the end of the day you’ll find yourself buying different kitchen items, high-end clothes, accessories, kilim, local bags and more.

Villa Babushka

Located in Zamalek and Capital Business Park

It’s always wedding season in Egypt; if you’re out of dresses or want to buy the top notch dresses and clothes, in a nutshell Villa Babushka is your number 1. To all shopping addicts Villa Babushka is waiting for you.


Located in Capital Promenade 6th of October and also delivers across Cairo.

Rax combines modernity in clothes, accessories and kitchen. The pattern they design on all these items attracts their clients to modernity even more.

The Nest

Located in Abd-El Moneim Riad, Giza and also delivers worldwide

Furniture pieces, home accessories and lifestyle essentials are all showcased at the Nest. All these little things that make us happy are there.

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Shop Calma

Online hand-picked vintage store

Don’t you just miss the good old days, but with some creativity added to it? Now to all creative and artistic minds, check out this place to pamper your friends with some different and unique treats.

The Lemon Tree & Co

Located in Gouna

To simplicity lovers out there, The Lemon Tree & Co is certainly a must-visit! How they arrange the clothes, bags and sculptures with their colors takes you to a whole new lifestyle. Their items scream for beach and sand.

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Maison 69 Store

Located in Zamalek and Walk of Cairo, October

With the name of the store of course the mind goes all the way to Paris. Paris means chic and elegant and this is what this concept stores sells. The main showroom consists of different genres giving you a gallery-like vibe as soon as you enter.


Located on Taha Hussein Zamalek

Abn’G is all about colors and brightness. If you’re stuck and lost, go and check out this soul-nourishing place and believe you’ll find all kinds of items, from international to local leather made bags and clothes too.

Now go and get your friends and family some Christmas treats from high-end fashion to local brands. Trust me these Egyptian Concept stores will treat you well!

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