10 Creative Ideas Made from Pallets

Reusing and recycling are a great way to help the environment and also save money. One of the most popular things to use in DIY projects is wooden pallets, they make great material for creative projects and can spark plenty of inspiration.

Here are ten great ideas that you could use as inspiration for your own projects.

Pallet Shelf

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One of the easiest ways to reuse wooden pallets is by transforming them into rustic shelving. There are so many great ways you can re-purpose the wood to create free-standing shelves and wall-mounted shelves, hanging shelves with rope, or even shelves with drawers and hooks to hang your keys. Pallet wood can easily be painted, but a simple wood stain will elevate the rustic and repurposed look, so you can proudly show off your upcycling skills. You can always try reaching out to a pallet manufacturing company to see if they have some leftover pallets. 

Coffee Table

You can take this as easily and simply, or as complex as you like. If your pallet is in great shape, just add some varnish to protect the wood from stains, and you have a good coffee table to go. The low, rectangular shape of the pallets makes for an effective and stylish coffee table, but you can customize the look further by re-fixing the wood in a chevron pattern or adding casters so you can easily move your coffee table around. The pallet itself makes a good base to work from, so you can get creative to perfect your dream coffee table.

Pallet Bed

This one requires multiple pallets, ideally at least four. Once you’ve cleaned them up, they make a great base for your mattress. Simply push them together and lay your mattress on top, and you’re good to go! You can also stack them to add extra height, and layered up you can create steps up to your bed. This style looks great in a boho, rustic-style bedroom and paired with natural, plain white or cream sheets, you have an effortless, chic place to sleep.


To pair with your pallet bed, fix pallets to your wall or strip the wood of your pallets to create a custom headboard. The layers between the pallets make great shelves for ornaments or LED candles. Or you could opt for some string lights and hang up a wall tapestry for a romantic and cozy look. 

Wall Art

If you love the naturalistic look of wooden wall-art and wall hangings, you can create your own with wooden pallets. Add stains, varnish or paints and use stencils or free-hand designs onto your pallet wood. Alternatively, you can cut the wood into shapes or use them to frame existing artwork that you have.

Outdoor Seating

Pallet wood is a nice, durable material for some rustic outdoor benches. You can keep it simple by stacking the pallets and using a wall to fix vertical pallets as the backs of your benches. Add cushions and you have yourself a bench. They can also be re-assembled to better suit your own designs if you prefer to be more creative.


If you have a large number of pallets to work with, then you can use them to make your own decking; just be sure to make the decking level and space the wood effectively. To keep it hard wearing against the weather, add suitable outdoor paint and varnishes to keep it protected.


Wooden planters make effective planters for potted plants, you can add shelves with walls to place your pots in or grow your plants directly inside them. They look great when layered up with lots of plants and are a nice way to decorate your decked patio.

Pet Bed

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If you love DIY pet projects, making a pallet bed for your pets is also a great way to utilize the pallet’s wood. The wood can be re-assembled to create a box/tray-style bed, just be sure to add a soft cushioned in-fill. This DIY can make your pet-bed look more expensive than a regular plastic dog-bed and can even be personalized by adding a stenciled name to the front. 

Wine Rack

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If you want to create useful items of décor and furniture, a rustic wine rack made from wooden pallets suppliers is a great DIY project to create a chic way to store your wines. You could even go the extra mile, and make your own pallet wood bar; a fun way to upcycle pallets for unique furniture in your home.

These are just a few ideas that demonstrate ways you can upcycle wooden pallets, but there are so many more endless ways you can recycle pallets to create stunning furniture and décor in your home. Hopefully, you are feeling inspired to create something exciting and unique. With so many people creating brilliant designs, your project can be as small or as big as you want it to be. 

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