10 Arab Americans Who Are Dominating Their Industries

There are many Arab Americans aside from Mia Khalifa, DJ Khaled, and the Hadid’s making big moves in and outside their community. From suburbs of Chicago to bustling streets of New York, Arab Americans are just about everywhere and finding a variety of creative venues to show off their talent and becoming leaders in their industry.


Nick Tershay aka Nicky Diamonds


The founder of the clothing line, Diamond Supply and Co. (the logo that is literally on everyone’s clothes) got his start by adding the current diamond logo to the wheels of skateboards. People were loving the design, with Tershay being the business man he is, he decided to meet people’s demand and integrated his design into clothing, hats, shoes and other merchandise.



Dena Takruri


If you think you don’t know this talented journalist, just check your Facebook newsfeed, she’s all over it! The Georgetown alum got her big start in broadcast as a producer and host on Huffington Post Live. She went on to become a producer and host of AJ+, an online news platform that captures real stories from around the globe in less time than it takes to order a cup of coffee. Takruri delivers everything millennials need to know to be more informed about the world they live in, with a bit of a side eye *ahem* Donald Trump.



Sama’an Ashrawi


“What does this white boy know about rap music?” is not an assumption Sama’an is unfamiliar with. But to answer the question this Palestinian dude is a walking, talking music encyclopedia. The musical expert has earned his credit with many in the hip hop community, even being inducted as Trill Gladiator by Bun B himself. Having filmed, directed, and produced documentaries and interviews with the likes of Drake, Lupe Fiasco, ASAP Rocky and so many more.



Nadia Aboulhosn


The fashion-beauty blogger turned model turned designer is redefining how we understand beauty. Not only is Nadia a badass entrepreneur, she’s got a bright future behind her and ain’t afraid to flaunt it. Along with representing a real version of beauty Nadia has been an example to many with her humanitarian efforts by volunteering in refugee camps in Lebanon.



Adam & Ramsey Nijem


Aka Twilight and Stripper Ramsey are our favorite MMA brothers. Adam with a 2-1-0 record and Ramsey 10-5-0 , are our favorite dynamic duo in the sport. From long days training to the corner of the ring, these guys definitely give us major sibling goals. Today the boys are kicking all kinds of ass.

After recovering from injury, Ramsey is gaining momentum and training to get back in the ring for some more action. Along with training, Adam is building a name for himself as a fitness and wellness guru, working with folks on all different levels to help them get and stay in shape. #TeamNijem.



Hadeel Ramadan


When people think Arab women, typically the last that comes to mind is rapper, but Ramadan is no stranger to the rap scene.  Growing up in Chicago the poet turned rapper, found through spoken word and eventually music, a platform for expressing the narratives of a generation lost between two worlds.



Yousef Erakat aka FouseyTube


The younger brother of political analyst Noura, Yousef also became widely recognized in front of the camera with his YouTube channel capturing the shenanigans of an Arab American life. Along with bringing laughable content to our screens, Erakat has played on peoples emotions with his social experiments that exhibit reactions to kidnapping, bullying, and political issues.



Naima Shalhoub


The Lebanese talent isn’t your average songstress. Besides singing, Naima composes, plays the guitar, is an educator and an activist. Along with singing in English, Shalhoub has performed in Arabic, Spanish, French, and Italian.



Oday Aboushi



At 24, the Brooklyn native is the first Palestinian to be drafted into the NFL. Having started off his career playing at Virginia Cavilers and then drafted by the New York Jets. The guard was signed to the Houston Texans in 2015 and was reunited with Mike Devlin, former Jets’ offensive line coach who had drafted Aboushi.


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