Women, Do You Often Find Yourself Skipping on Going to the Gym? Here’re 10 Reasons Why

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Ever wondered why the male to female ratio at your “mixed” gym is really off? No, the answer is not that all women are lazy and do not feel like working out. If anything, women are more often judged regarding their figure and appearance. 

You may not be aware of it, but us women do actually hate going to the Gym. and Here’s a couple of reasons why:

Having people ridicule them

The number one reason why anyone doesn’t do anything, and this case is no different. Why you ask? several reasons.  just keep on reading to find them out.

Not knowing what to do

Have you seen that complicated arm machine? What sort of contraption is this? How do you even use it?

You ARE staring. You are not as stealthy as you might think that you are!

No, guys, making a woman feel on display is not as flattering as you might think. so it would just help everyone if you guys learn to keep your eyes to yourselves.

Want those Kim K glutes?

They said “squat squat squat” but now you have to hold on to the wall to sit on a toilet for an entire week. The pain is real!

Dry Shampoo has become your new best friend! 

You never thought this day would come but you don’t want to drain all the natural goodies out of your hair when it’s not sweaty enough to wash, yet you still want it to look good for tomorrow.

Sports bras?

Those things are full of lies. They do NOT provide enough support as you might think after spending half a paycheck on them.

Everyone literally hangs out behind you when you have to squat.

Do you guys mind? Don’t you all have better things to do? Walk away now, thank you.

Having everyone stare at you like you are nothing but a piece of meat because of how tight those leggings are.

Trust me, I had no choice. All women’s gym-wear is made like that. Also, can we not forget how annoying tying things around your waist is?

Did I miss the speed-dating between sets memo?

There’s a woman who’s currently lifting the weights or gasping for air on the treadmill. Does this sound like either the time or the place?

Unsolicited advice?

Save it, boy. Why don’t you worry about your own form and technique for the time being?

All jokes aside, while we do not have enough data to assess when it comes to women in the Middle East, it has been actually proven through the new research piece conducted by Sport England that while identifying a host of reasons holding women back from exercising, the unifying factor was a fear of being judged. The study found the fear of judgment is greater than women’s self-confidence.

Michael Mantell, Ph.D., author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff (P.S. It’s All Small Stuff). Boosting your gym confidence doesn’t have to be tricky. “Increased confidence comes from self-compassion and internal happiness first of all,” Mantell says.

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