This Saudi Man Dyed His Beard Pink and the Reason is Heart-Wrenching

Via Samer's Twitter

Samer Kurdi, a Saudi Businessman, just shaved his head and dyed his beard pink for the most beautiful reason there is. To support his wife, Dema, and everyone else who’s fighting cancer. He also launched #SuperDema to rally support for cancer fighters and promote awareness about the disease and ways to deal with it.

Via Gulf News

Other young men followed Kurdi in his beautiful initiative; dying their beards pink and posting their pictures with him. Social media users mostly embraced the move and viewed it as a strong public reaction by a loving husband in a society where men do not tend to show affection publicly.

Via Gulf News

Other users expressed pride in the initiative and offered Dema, and all cancer fighters, prayers for a prompt recovery. However, some users criticised Samer’s idea, claiming that it was totally alien to the Saudi society and that it would not help cure patients.

Via Gulf News

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