Saudi Arabia Just Hosted Their First Ever Race For Women

Recently Saudi Arabia has got our jaws dropping with all the changes that are taking place in the country. It’s not like we’re complaining, but on the contrary, we believe that the country is transforming itself to be one of the biggest, strongest, and the most innovative in the region.

Via The National

So among the things that we should add to the list of firsts in Saudi Arabia is that they just hosted their first women’s race.

According to Saudi owned newspaper, Sabq, that around 1,500 women took part in the race, and get this, due to the limited space area the race had to be conducted in, the organizers of the event had to turn away around 500 more women!

Many around the world believe that the country’s attempts to recognize women as a valid member of the society has drawn them further away from being dubbed as the most “patriarchic country in the Arab region”.

WE SAID THIS: Yet another thing to add to their list of firsts!