Cairo Festival City Brings Joy into Our Lives With this Heartwarming Video


We couldn’t help but smile after watching Cairo Festival City’s (CFC) recently released video. The 80-second video presents an emotionally gripping storyline set within the borders of the full-fledged city. Combined with a poetic voiceover, the video perfectly reflects how much of a mixed-use urban community CFC is. You’re defined by your own story, you’re the hero and the main character, and that’s the soul of the community CFC is creating. A community with many people’s stories to tell, a special collection of little moments, and a place where everyone’s voice is heard.

CFC brings together everything you could ever imagine in one place. Over a 3 million square meter land area. The visionary city features various residential projects, including Oriana villas and Festival Living Apartments. Which offers duplexes, apartments, and penthouses. Retail stores, the finest dining experience Cairo Festival City Mall surely has your back covered on those.  In addition to future chains of your favorite hotels, for both business and leisure stays. Not just that, CFC also makes a great work environment, imagine having an office with a magnificent view overlooking green open spaces! The premises has some of the top reputable multinational companies such as Procter & Gamble, Air France, Lilly, Allianz, and KLM, to name a few, which are located in The Southern Business District. The Northern Business District will soon follow and we are certain that it’s going to be mind-blowing!


After watching the video and getting to know the privileges CFC offers, you probably have some insight by now on how it’s like in the city. “A city of us” is a creative concept that balances all the aspects of the city being showcased genuinely.

WE SAID THIS: We absolutely love this video and we can totally relate to it!