Watch How In Just One Music Video Marwan Moussa Makes it from Regional Rapper to International Sensation!

Egyptian rapper and fashion phenomenon, Marwan Moussa, is back to the headlines again with his latest music video ‘Tesla’, and this time MM has put it all on the table.

The video, created in collaboration with Good People and Telfaz 11, shows Moussa in a different setting, swaggering through the quarters of an overseas prison. The young rapper is shown rocking the incarceration uniform in style, putting on Nike sneakers and wearing a greyish hoodie under his Valentino overalls; MM eats sushi for lunch in the prison cafeteria and has his girlfriend over for regular visits; more of a kingpin than a run-of-the-mill inmate.

The bars are short and to the point, while the lyrics are braggy and proud, with a few wordplays here and there, to spice things up. As for the beat, it is multi-layered and catchy, ensuring Moussa a guaranteed place on top. From this writer’s personal experience, overall, the track is empowering and gives a careless, yet challenging vibe that drives the listener to go for the impossible.

The music video was written and directed by Ali Ali while production was handled by Sarah Touma. The cinematographer, Pierre Mouarkech did an incredible job with the frames and lighting.

Tesla was originally dropped as part of Moussa’s 2021 album ‘Florida’ about three months ago; however after the release of this video, it has gone up the charts and now is trending at number two on YouTube with over 700,000 views.

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