Jordanian Singer Adham Nabulsi Announces His Retirement To Pursue Spiritual Fulfillment

Everyone has goals and dreams that they wish to pursue, but when these goals aren’t aligned with the main purpose we came to the world for, then one should reconsider his whole path – These are some of the words the Jordanian Singer Adham Nabulsi chose to start with, before announcing that he’s leaving the industry for good.

Adham Nabulsi first came to the limelight back in 2013 as one of the most prominent contestants in the Arab edition of the musical contest “The X Factor“. Even though he didn’t win the title, he definitely took serious steps towards stardom, releasing several songs, some of which, have surpassed 100 million views.

Nabulsi, on the other hand, felt the need to reconsider his previous steps and maybe step back from a path, he once thought he was destined to walk through.

Through his official social media accounts, Adham Nabulsi officially announced “the good news” as he chose to put it into words, which is his final decision to leave the industry and quit singing. “The main goal is to worship God and obey his commands, and through my current career, I don’t see this happening,” this was his justification and reasoning behind his decision.

He thanked the audience for the years of unyielding support, assuring that his retirement doesn’t mean that he’ll be disappearing. When in fact, we might be seeing more of him but in a different way. Being in a position where he can be seen and heard, urges him to advocate for the ideals that really matter to him, and perhaps, he could pursue more meaningful goals.

أدهم نابلسي – إعلان إلاعتزال

Posted by Adham Nabulsi on Monday, December 20, 2021

During a telephone interview with TV presenter Amr Adib, Adham Nabulsi re-affirmed his decision and the motives behind it, stating that he never found comfort during all the years he spent in the field. He tried to do his best, but his career was hindering him from achieving his higher goals, which goes hand in hand with god’s wills, according to his personal opinion. That’s why he’s now in search of a new beginning. “There are main goals in life, and I don’t see this (singing), as one of them.” He stated.

After his announcement, some went on bashing the singer, while others showed support and respect to his decision because, in the end, everyone has the right, as long as they’re not harming others, to take a few steps back when necessary, and to do what aligns with their beliefs and make them comfortable.

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