Jessica Kahawaty and Natalia Vodianova Invest In E-gree To Ease Legal Agreements

Models and philanthropists Jessica Kahawaty and Natalia Vodianova invested in the E-gree application, with the aim to make the world a better place by easing the process of legal agreements.

According to Kahawaty, lawyers are expensive and contractual agreements are a long process, which is why E-gree is considered as reinventing the legal industry.

Using her background in finance and law, Kahawaty has invested in many businesses and start-ups. Meanwhile, Vodianova is an investor in 17 startups and with their investment in E-gree, they both became board members in E-gree.

During an interview with Vogue, Kahawaty said that she has always wanted to stand up for the marginalized. So, she studied human rights law and that initiated her fighting for the rights of the people.

She said that E-gree aims to save people legal costs, as legal matters are usually expensive and inaccessible, which usually leads to some legal steps being skipped, causing legal issues. However, E-gree is accessible, quick and affordable.

The application is there for people to consult when needed, helping them with any contractual agreements, like it’s their own personal lawyer. The app speeds up the creation, signing and sending of contracts and allows users more legal control over their matters.

According to Kahawaty, the global application has a lot of custom contracts for its users to choose from.

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