Rally Jameel: Saudi’s First-Ever Rally Event For Female Drivers

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has been making significant progress in terms of women’s participation in sports. The country just announced the launch of its first women’s football league last month. Not only that, but more female race car drivers are competing, and the country is backing all of this with its SR2.6 billion sports federation initiative.

On Monday, it was announced that Rally Jameel, the first-ever navigation rally for women drivers in Saudi Arabia, will take place between March 17 and 19. This rally was approved by the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation (SAMF) in an effort to inspire Saudi females and see more women racing in Saudi Arabia.

The framework for empowering women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia encompasses numerous disciplines, and athletic activities, particularly racing and motorcycles, are an important aspect of this framework. This also aligns with Kingdom Vision 2030, which emphasizes the need of building a thriving culture that encourages and empowers all members of society, including women.

Rally Jameel will be a three-day challenge that will put women’s skills to the test. It’s not a “normal race,” but rather a one-of-a-kind competition focused on navigation, time, distance and strategy with the help of a specific navigation gadget and the rally guidebook. Thus, combining the passion for driving, demanding tasks and precise navigation.

Abdullah Bakhashab, the official organizer of Rally Jameel and a former Saudi driver, expressed his joy and confidence in the collaboration with Abdul Latif Jameel Motors on all technical areas of the rally. He went on to say:

The 900-kilometer race will take place over three days, beginning in Hail and ending in Riyadh, traveling through Qassim province. A female driver and an assistant will make up each team. Only 20 female drivers will be allowed to compete, and they will be chosen by the organizing committee.

Abdullah Bakhashab via Arab News

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