Young Entrepreneur: The First Entrepreneurship Program for Youngsters in Egypt

iSpark is launching the first entrepreneurship competition for high school students in Egypt called Young Entrepreneur, with the help of USAID and the Ministry of Trade. The program aims to enable each student to pursue their passions through entrepreneurship.


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Students will enter the program in teams of 3-5 and will be given a full entrepreneurship education. They will then will develop the needed entrepreneurial skill set that will enable them to go on and start their own business. The program is set to start on December 2017 and end on March 2018.


Via iSpark


During these sessions, the students will learn how to come up with a business idea, how to create a business model canvas, financial literacy and turn it into a business plan, and lastly how to effectively pitch their business idea. The program will kick start with a two-day boot camp where the students will come together with their teams and start the ideation phase. After which they will be attending weekly training up until the final event in March.


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During the event, the students will be able to invite their schools, families, and friends to support them and see their achievements. At the final event, each team will pitch their idea in front of a panel of judges.


Via iSpark


Students can register online through Facebook, they can register as individuals and will be put together with a team or they can register as a team of 3-5. There is a cash prize for the final winning teams that could amount to 20,000 EGP.



WE SAID THIS: Why didn’t cool programs like this exist when we were younger though? 


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