You’ll Never Complain about Gas Prices in Egypt after Seeing the Rest of the World’s Prices


As everyone in Egypt complains about the rising gas prices, we thought we’d help put things into perspective for our beloved population when it comes to international petrol costs.

If you think we have it rough, here are some countries with lower gas prices (you could move to them) and the rest of the world with much higher prices per liter.

As of today, Egypt’s petrol costs approximately 40 cents (2.60 LE for petrol 92), making it the 12th cheapest country per liter, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t countries that are still enjoying all those government subsidies, like:

Venezuela: $0.01 per liter

Syria: $0.06 per liter

Libya: $0.12 per liter

Saudi Arabia: $0.16 per liter

Turkmenistan: $0.23 per liter

Kuwait: $0.25 per liter

Bahrain: $0.27 per liter

Algeria: $0.27 per liter

Qatar: $0.28 per liter

Iran: $0.28 per liter

Oman: $0.32 cents per liter

Sudan: $0.36 cents per liter


As for those living in the rest of the world, here are some painstakingly high prices:

UK: $2.22 per liter

Iceland: $2.23 per liter

Hong Kong: $2.24 per liter

Portugal: $2.25 per liter

Finland: $2.25 per liter

Belgium: $2.25 per liter

Israel: $2.25 per liter

Greece: $2.37 per liter

Turkey: $2.40 per liter

Denmark: $2.44 per liter

Netherlands: $2.55 per liter

Italy: $2.55 per liter

Norway: $2.62 per liter


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