You Won’t Believe What the Actor Who Once Played ‘El-Andaleeb’ Looks Like Now

by Karima Gahsh

I was pretending to work on my phone, scrolling through my Explore page on Instagram when I stumbled upon a picture of a man that instantly made my head go fire emoji.


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If you saw what I saw (look at the picture above), you’ll understand. But, if you actually do take a step back and look at him, you’ll realize something else. Shady Shamel, yes the very guy you’re drooling over at this moment, is the same guy who played the iconic Abdelhalim Hafez in MBC’s 2006 hit series El-Andaleeb.


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Anyone with a brain and good sets of eyes can notice how Shamel’s appearance drastically changed ever since he portrayed the “Gana El Hawa” singer. Shamel, obviously, bulked up and bestfriended the gym, dyed his hair brown and now only gets expensive haircuts — and damn, I am loving it.


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I am not in any freakin’ way saying that Shamel’s previous look — from when he was a skinnier person with dark hair — is a bad one. On the contrary, both looks are lit AF; but I kinda like that we got to experience the best of both worlds with him.


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Some social media users are even calling him the new “Arab David Beckham.” We totes understand.



WE SAID THIS: Let us know what you think about Shamel’s new transformation.


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