Luxor Sculptor Makes a Statue of Essam El-Hadary to Thank Him

by Salma Hossam


It’s safe to say nothing us Egyptians can do will ever be enough to repay our goal keeper and High Dam, Essam El-Hadary…until now.



Mohamed Kabesh, a sculptor from Luxor, took thanking El-Hadary to the next level. No, he didn’t opt for posting a picture on his Instagram with the hashtag #ILoveHadary, he made a statue. Yup, an actual statue.



“After losing the Africa Cup of Nations final game, my friends and family pushed me into making a statue to thank El-Hadary for all that he has done for us. We wanted him to know that he was appreciated. We wanted to thank him anyway,” Kabesh told Youm7.



WE SAID THIS: The Fine-Arts graduate have said that the statue isn’t done yet, but he cannot wait to reveal the final product. 



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