A Flying Object Lit up the UAE’s Sky Last Night, and Everyone Freaked Out

by Marwa Khalifa

Last night, everyone in Dubai and Abu Dhabi freaked out when they saw a flying object roaming the sky. Naturally, pictures and videos flooded the Internet with everyone — including Sherif Fayed, travel blogger — trying to understand what exactly that thing was.


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Some social media users thought it was merely just fireworks, others thoughts it was a celestial event. All claims were put to rest when Dubai Media Office tweeted that it was a meteorite.



The General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) confirmed it and explained that the meteor had broken through Earth’s orbit. They also mentioned that it is very common at this time of year for such thing to occur, and that the peak time for these events is October 20.



WE SAID THIS: We’re glad everyone in the UAE is safe.


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