Egypt’s Siwa Oasis Is Now a Global Center For Medical and Enviromental Tourism

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There’s a little paradise hidden in Egypt’s Western Desert, away from the city’s pollution and urbanization, and it’s called Siwa Oasis. Located 50 km east of Libyan borders, Siwa has attracted tourists from all over the world. From warm springs and swimming in Cleopatra’s bath, to sand boarding and Sufi rituals, this must be one of Egypt’s top sites.


Via tumblr


This Wednesday, the Siwa Oasis Medical Tourism Conference was launched, in coordination with the University of Alexandria. Governor of Matruh, Maj. Gen. Alaa Abu Zeid, has announced Siwa as a global center for medical and environmental tourism.


According to AlMasry AlYoum, the conference tackled the development of therapeutic and environmental tourism and established a national museum that shows the components of olive oil production in Siwa; in addition to adding new activities as watching birds’ migration and camel riding.


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