These Egyptian Students Actually Managed to Get Cairokee to Throw a Private Concert for Them

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Victory College Alexandria students made a nearly-impossible bet with IN by Vodafone, and they actually won.


During their graduation ceremony — which rapper Zap Tharwat hosted — the students begged Vodafone to have a private concert thrown for all the students by their favorite band. Their favorite band was none other than Cairokee.


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The Cairokee mega fans produced a video that was inspired by IN’s music video Men Gheerak Mesh Hatekmal (It Won’t be Complete Without You), and it was just beautiful. The bet was if the video received 100,000 shares on Facebook, IN by Vodafone will grant them their request and organize the Cairokee concert.


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Surprisingly, the video went really, really viral. It garnered over 100,000 shares and eight million views. IN by Vodafone kept their word, and are actually organizing the concert that is set to happen this Friday. What a lucky, lucky dof3a (class)!


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Check out the amazing video below: 




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