Dubai’s Newest Apple Store Might Have the Best View Ever

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Apple’s third store in the UAE will not be your ordinary Apple store. It’s unique on so many levels, mostly because of its main theme; “Creativity. Connected.” The theme will focus on linking Apple’s technical expertise with the creative community of Dubai – from startups, local app developers and independent art galleries, to boutiques, cafes and food trucks.


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The store probably has one of the best locations that any brand can dream of. It is a two-level storefront with a view to the world’s largest fountain and the world’s tallest building; Burj Khalifa.


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Apple will aim to make their store more than just a retail point of purchase; by encouraging entrepreneurs to create and collaborate in Apple’s new Dubai Mall home. The premium two-story store is going to be very artsy as it’s going to have a wall that’s flooded with beautiful artworks that will shed light on the connectivity between small creative businesses across the country.



WE SAID THIS: Apple is setting a model for empowering aspiring young creative entrepreneurs. Find here a link for more details about the store.


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