Driverless Buses Will Also Be a Thing in Dubai by 2018

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Earlier this week, we’ve mentioned that Ain Dubai, aka the world’s largest observation wheel, is set to be finished by 2018 in Bluewaters Dubai. However, that’s not the only thing that’s going to make Bluewaters stand out, they plan to introduce driverless buses.


Via Timeout


The emirate of Dubai seems to be in love with driverless transportation. It is expected  for Bluewaters to have a total of 25 driverless buses by 2018, just in time for Ain Dubai’s inauguration as well. The prototype testing of the driverless buses will begin by the third quarter of 2017.


Via Timeout


Dubai aims to have 25% of all trips around the city to be run by automated systems in the next 15 years. CEO of 2getthere, Carel Van Helsdingen, stated that “Sheikh Mohammed’s 2030 automated transport policy is 100% in line with our ambitions, and we will continue to work with the Dubai and Abu Dhabi governments on future projects.”



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