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CAIRO GIRL PROBLEMS # 5 Nikki’s 1st summer 2012 Tahrir collection

It’s official. The Gods have conspired against Karl… Have you looked the 2013 Chanel resort collection? If you haven’t don’t. Eye pollution. Not chic. We flew to Paris last week for the show. B, Lolitta and I were so excited until we actually got there. Lolitta always gets invited to haute couture shows and private […]

The Mommy Diaries: Striking A Balance

Mommy commercials used to warm my heart. The ones where the toddler is running around a sparkling clean house and the supermodel mom is smiling from ear to ear. In comes reality, and let me tell you, if my house is sparkling clean, it’s only because my kids are asleep. And when I look like […]

Maria’s Note: The Fate of the Tyrants

Since 17 December 2010, when the Tunisian Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire for a better future, the Middle East has been turned upside down from East to West.  Since then, the contagious desire for freedom and democracy has gotten to all Arab countries and, for better or for worse, the archaic ruling systems have […]

The Jerk Code – Chapter 2: A Jerk In The Making

Before I keep going with this story, I’d like to say that I was young, stupid and retarded to an extent. I am not proud of anything I have done back then. So, there I was back home, heartbroken and can’t stand the sight of women. Somehow, during my “depression” phase, I found the internet. […]

Cairo girl problems – Problem #4 “I’M NIKKI WHO THE F ARE YOU?”

Problem #4 I’m Nikki who the f**k are you? Guys I think there’s a misunderf**kingstanding…… Gouna is NOT, I repeat; is not St Tropez, it is not Antibes, it is not Cannes and not definitely not Monaco. The closest Egypt’s gonna come to Monaco is if they decide to rename Cairo Monte Cairo.. Something Shafik […]

I’m Hiring A Butler

Job Responsibilities: You will have a posh English accent, and always be presentably attired; preferably in a mismatched pair consisting of an evening tail coat and striped trousers. Your duties will include overseeing the staff including the Mexican gardener, the Philippino maid, and of course the Indian driver Jansher. This is also a hands on […]

Thoughts of a soon-to-be graduate!

Dear god, it’s me. With the world developing, technology progressing, populations increasing,opportunities decreasing, traffic getting insane, and way more advancements than the middle ages, I ask you to grant us more time, more cash, and more jobs. Thanks! Our lifestyles have already proven to be changing from busy to busier and there is no way […]

Mommy Diaries: Political Parenting

Once you become a parent, the way you think about the world changes. Suddenly you feel like you need to dig out your superhero cape and rid the world of all wrong doing just so that your kids can grow up safe and happy. If only… The political situation in the Arab world does not […]

Today’s The Day

As we are all glued to our Twitter screens, TV’s, Facebook’s etc..Egypt begins it’s voting process. All we want to say is YOUR VOTE COUNTS go down and vote for whoever you think is worthy! Can’t do it today, go tomorrow, just make sure you VOTE! WE SAID THIS: Praying for a better Egypt Scoop […]

Cairo girl problems – Problem #3 The Presidential Elections

I know. I know I’m super late and that you guys have been waiting, but trust me it’s worth the wait and super useful for the elections.. I’m not THAT superficial btw… I can also discuss serious stuff like the extreme resemblance between Hamdeen Sabahee and Jay Leno! I know right?!! Basically I’ve been super […]