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Mommy Diaries: Political Parenting

Once you become a parent, the way you think about the world changes. Suddenly you feel like you need to dig out your superhero cape and rid the world of all wrong doing just so that your kids can grow up safe and happy. If only… The political situation in the Arab world does not […]

Today’s The Day

As we are all glued to our Twitter screens, TV’s, Facebook’s etc..Egypt begins it’s voting process. All we want to say is YOUR VOTE COUNTS go down and vote for whoever you think is worthy! Can’t do it today, go tomorrow, just make sure you VOTE! WE SAID THIS: Praying for a better Egypt Scoop […]

Cairo girl problems – Problem #3 The Presidential Elections

I know. I know I’m super late and that you guys have been waiting, but trust me it’s worth the wait and super useful for the elections.. I’m not THAT superficial btw… I can also discuss serious stuff like the extreme resemblance between Hamdeen Sabahee and Jay Leno! I know right?!! Basically I’ve been super […]

The Jerk Code: The Beginning

I’ve decided to stick to Selena’s advice and keep blessing the lot of you with my endless supply of jerkdom (Jerk Wisdom) and tell my stories. To further understand my experiences, you’ll need to understand my upbringing. I grew up in “The West” – yes yes, that’s where the “infidels” come from – and I […]

Mommy Diaries: Hello Tiny Human

Once you wake up from the crazy baby coma that follows the week after delivery, it starts to sink in. You get home, unpack and lie down. And then it begins.  Your new baby begins to cry. You run to her like a mad woman, change, feed, burp, and repeat. And repeat. And repeat . […]

Hey! Hey! Easy on yourself!

“Charger. Pay bill. Check post its. Buy sweetener. Charger. Pay bill. Check post its. Buy sweetener…” This is the kind of stuff I usually tell myself in bed every night. You know how people reflect on their lives (or just their days) during those 10-15 minutes before going into deep sleep? Well, I don’t. I […]

“Fekrety” National Business Idea Competition by AUC

 The American University in Cairo’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program launches “Fekrety,” its National Business Idea Competition of the year. They have partnered up with key players in Egypt and the Middle East with the aim of “hunting for Egypt’s most talented entrepreneurs.” Any Individual or team with an innovative business idea and are seeking mentorship […]

The Mommy Diaries: Get That Baby Out of Me!

 According to Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross, there are 5 stages of grief.  And I’m here to tell you that they apply perfectly to pregnancy.  It all starts out with denial. You find out that you’re pregnant. Regardless of whether or not it was planned, you don’t believe it. Who? Me? You’re trying to tell me […]

Cairo girl problems problem # 2 weekends with J

Guys are we all gonna sit here and not make fun of beyonce’s “dress”!!! Givenchy how could you? What were you smoking? Purple feathers? Fuck you. This is the Met Gala not the fucking zoo. Anyways I don’t get why everyone in cairo was so hyped up about the met gala, which was in LA […]

Male Body Image: The Big, Chiseled Elephant in the Room

“She’s gotten…fat”. Stand in line behind the hordes of males in our society that have heard the women in their lives converse about one topic that is habitually timeless – weight and shape of the body. Us manly men, we roll our eyes, play our roles as we put on our “I-can’t-believe-I’m-going-to-listen-to-this-again” face. We sit […]

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