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Romo The iPhone Robot

So you might have thought that the smartphone game ends with the next best App, or the highest resolution or bandwidth, but there is way more that can be tapped in that market and that’s what the guys at Romotive have been working on for the past couple of years. You might have heard of […]

Kit Kat Congratulates Felix

The whole world was watching Felix Baumgartner jump from the edge of space, even being compared to this generations Neil Armstrong! Having broken two world records and proving that Red Bull really does give you wings, smart brands such as Kit Kat are jumping on the hype. ABC’s of any marketing is to utilize the […]

Felix Makes History with Red Bull

Felix Baumgartner stood alone at the edge of space, poised in the open doorway of a capsule suspended above Earth and wondering if he would make it back alive. Twenty four miles below him, millions of people were right there with him, watching on the Internet and marveling at the wonder of the moment. A […]

Red Bull Stratos Live!

It’s back on, the Mission to the Edge of Space with Red Bull, Watch the Live Feed Below. Scoop Team Select Staff Writers from the Scoop Empire Team

Planet of the Diamonds

 Illustration of ratio of size to Earth A rocky planet twice Earth’s size, called 55 Cancri e, that orbits a nearby star made largely out of DIAMONDS, had been discovered lately by astro researchers.  Artist’s conception of the interior of 55 Cancri e — an extremely hot planet with a surface of mostly graphite surrounding […]

WIRED IN: Mini Galaxy S3, Lenovo in the Lead, Facebook, SoundCloud & More

>> Samsung plans to unveil a smaller version of its popular Galaxy S III flagship smartphone in Europe today raising competition against Apple’s new iPhone. It has a bigger, 4-inch screen than its earlier models, making it a direct competition to the iPhone. It has been speculated that this will happen in order for Samsung to start […]

Intel Reveals its Ultrabook & Scoop Empire Wins Big

Generic Ad I’ve never been the type to do well on quizes or tests and as some may know my memory isn’t all that great, but for some reason from the moment I walked into Intel’s private launch of the Ultrabook I was all ears and alert. Let me let you in on a little […]

Microsoft Surface

While the race in the mobile world continues, Microsoft seems to be getting its dominoes falling in the right place one after another. In June earlier this year, Steve Balmer announced the company’s first tablet device that will hit the market by the end of October to go head to head with the market leaders […]

Nokia AD Bashes Apple’s Lack Of Color And Identity

The Nokia Lumia ads just keep making the news, first with a fake ad and now bashing on the iPhone 5! Well that also seems to a be another trend! Days after Samsung debuted its latest fanboy-mocking advertisement, Nokia has joined the fray by releasing a new animated television commercial contrasting the iPhone 5 with […]

Facebook Hits 1 Billion Users

The world’s biggest social network, Facebook, has reached a new milestone by officially reaching over 1 billion active monthly users! The update to the size of Facebook, founded only in 2004 from a college dorm room, was announced by founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a statuts update on the morning of October 4. “This […]

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