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So I’m known to surf the internet better than Mick Fanning surfs the waters, and I really look into things online. Creativity is key when it comes to building an online venture, but this, this is definitely a first on that scale. I came across this website in arabic called Daboosi (“My Pin” in Arabic) […]

How To Pick Your Smartphone

Nowadays smart phones have turned from a luxury to a must; it helps you to get things done on the go, while keeping its portable size and light weight. But it all comes down to one question, what Smartphone should I buy? The Varity of smart phones that we have now a days may sound […]

Social Marketing Used The Wrong Way

We told you about the Dark Knight shooting that took place in Aurora, Colorado. Now we bring you the stupidity of one fashion brand “The Celeb Boutique” which created major outrage on Twitter when they used the trending hashtag #Aurora to point the followers to their “Aurora dress” Took meer minutes for twitter users to […]

Youtube Goes All Ramadan On Us

YouTube announced the launch of a new Ramadan-dedicated channel that will feature 50 premium shows during the holy month. The channel,, will feature the shows the same day they air on TV, allowing viewers to catch the series they might otherwise have missed. In a joint venture between YouTube and Unilever, the channel will […]

Angry Birds on Samsung Smart TVs!!

OK! So I have been looking for a reason to get back to TVs again and now I found it! Samsung just announced that Angry Birds will be available globally on all their new Smart TVs. It is not only that, this will make it the first TV to offer the world’s most popular game […]

Foundd : Entertainment You Love

Have you ever called your friends over for a movie night and it took ages to decide on what movie to watch? Do you always a have a problem making that decision? Well I do. Always. And now I have found the solution to this problem. Foundd, a new movie recommendation website, founded at the […]

What’s Your Path?

We all share the common urge to share, record and remember life. Social Media has really taken us all on a ride of sharing in the past few years that we cant live without anymore. With the increased penetration of smart phones in the mobile market, mobile apps have utilized such social media to new […]


Do you know what Huawei is? Some of you might have seen the logo somewhere before but its not your fault, they’re huge but unknown to the market. For those of you who don’t know who they are. Huawei is Chinese mobile company who is a major supplier of white label cell phones with a major […]

Google’s Self Driving Car

For the past few years, Google has been branching out into the vast areas of technology just to prove to the world that they can conquer anything other than search engines. From mobile phones, operating systems, tablets to the latest glass technology comes Google’s self driving Car! Yes you heard it right, a car that […]

Al Jazeera Twitter Account Hacked!

This just in! Seems that hacking official tiwtter accounts is the thing nowadays for revolutionaries. AL Jazeera’s twitter account (@AJStream) has just been hacked by Syrian activists and oh do we love a hacked twitter account.  The hack is hard to notice with a quick glance because the tweets stick closely to the news organization’s […]