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iPhone 5: Finally Here to Stay!

It’s here! Finally everyone in the world can calm down now. Being the most anticipated device EVER has personally driven me insane. I don’t see what the big fuss is really, but that’s a totally different discussion. I’m going to tell you what Apple has finally decided to grace the world with. We’ve been hearing […]

WATCH: Apple Key Note!

The live stream is off air. You can watch the keynote speech on Apple’s website here. Scoop Team Select Staff Writers from the Scoop Empire Team

Emma Watson: 2012’s Most Dangerous Online Celebrity

Emma Watson is the favorite celebrity bait for cyber criminals trying to lure Internet users.  Intel-owned security technology company , McAfee said that Watson is the “most dangerous” celebrity to search for online. That’s because many sites use Watson to trick users into downloading malicious software or to steal personal information. When searching for the 22-year-old Watson, […]

Nokia Apologizes for Lumia 920 Fake AD!

A commercial for the Nokia Lumia 920 was launched which was intended to be filmed using the smartphone itself showing off its new “PureView” image stabilization system. Soon after the commercial was launched, eagle-eyed bloggers and tech analysts spotted the briefest reflection of a camera crew in the new advert after 27 seconds! Nokia issued the apology for […]

Here Comes iPhone5: Apple’s Media Event Finally Announced

Apple Inc. distributed invitations to an event in San Francisco on Sept. 12, setting the stage for what is widely expected to be the release of the iPhone 5. The typically cryptic invitation said “It’s almost here”, sported a number 12 – corresponding to the date of the event – and cast a large shadow […]

Internet Censorship Blackout In Jordan

Last week, specifically on Wednesday 22nd, Jordanians woke up to the shocking news that the Government of Jordan approved a draft bill amending the Press and Publications Law for the year 2012 that will include online media under the umbrella of the legislation. The law restricts Internet Freedom and will affect negatively the digital rights […]

Religion & Sex

  So a colleague at office was checking the free apps on Android today, only to find out that the most downloaded free apps on Android in Egypt are all ones of Sex & Religion! When you scroll down through the top 10 apps, you’ll find that the number 1 app is of Qur’an followed […]

ReConnect : Online BlackOut

We’ve heard about challenges involving online blackouts and avoiding social media and what not over and over again. But can we actually do it? I’m not sure, I personally cant. I cant go longer than an hour without online interaction and that is if I’m delved into work.  Lets say we can do it, why […]

Apple Wins over Samsung : 1 Billion in Damages to be Paid

    The jury has reached a verdict in the Apple vs. Samsung patent trial taking pace in a San Jose, Calif. court. Apple succeeded in the majority of its claims against Samsung, with the jury awarding Apple more than $1 billion in damages and potentially banning several Samsung devices from the U.S. market. The […]

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