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Eh Ya Jimmyyyy

  Mr. Jimmy carter former president of the U.S. is here in Cairo to monitor the polling stations! WE SAID THIS: Yalla spread that American Decomracy Sherry El-KilanySome call her a workaholic, others call her driven, she calls herself a hustler. Some find her outgoing, others standoffish, she’s just a confused intro/extrovert. Spanning over 10 years […]

My Vote Counts

Nineteen84 Management and it’s partners have taken the socially responsible route with the new “My Vote Counts” campaign! On board are three of Cairo’s favorite spots Amici (everyone’s fav. cocktail bar) WIFbyEE (the best Wings Cairo has to offer) and La Pietra  All you have to do is go down and vote on Wednesday or […]

Who Are you Voting For?

Our long awaited presidential elections are only 2 days away with 13 candidates running. A lot of people have been very confused on who they’re going to vote for, so we thought we’d put together this Poll (under the search bar at the top right of the page) and try and find out. So please […]


Well…. I for one DID NOT see that coming. I had “ze germans” pegged to win… and .. I sort of, kind of, almost got away with it. For those of you who know nothing about or are not interested in football… stop reading here. For the rest of you… lets breakdown the game: So.. […]

Sodic Names a New Chairman

One of Egypt’s largest real estate developers just appointed a new non-executive Chairman. After all the drama that happened last year during our lovely revolution, Sodic’s former Chairman has been facing legal issues due to corruption charges (i’m not going to get into my political views as those of you who follow me on twitter […]

Levi’s Hit’s The Streets

Were you in Zamalek last night at around 9pm kinda confused as to what was going on around the Om Kalthum area, well here is the Scoop from the boy’s at ‘Else’ and their ‘Unconventional’ take on the latest campaign for one of the most renowned jeans brands in the world.  Tell us about the video that […]

Mid-Week Football Round Up… Sort Of..

  Ok .. so I am just killing time till the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL.. and this is by no means a “round up” per se… but …AW MA GAWD.. the jobs some coaches take just blow my mind. Marcello Lippi, former Italian national team and Juventus coach,  is now.. get this.. COACHING THE GUANGZHOU […]

Football Round Up May 15th

 The only important thing to report in the world of football this week is Manchester City winning Barclay’s Premier League. After beating QPR 3-2, Roberto Mancini’s squad won the league title (on goal difference). Manchester United shares the same number of points as Man City, but takes the second place spot, followed by Arsenal. Also, […]

Obama Supports Same Sex Marriage

Obama, in an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts on Wednesday, publicly expressed his support for gay marriage in a move that was hailed by Democrats, gay rights groups and others as a benchmark for civil rights in the United States. This kind of endorsement is the first of its kind from a sitting president and […]

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