Health & Fitness

As we become more aware of our unhealthy habits and lack of fitness, a team of the most seasoned health gurus tackle tricky questions to help you achieve a healthier you, body and mind.

Hair Tips for Hijab

Wearing Hijab is such a beautiful expression of commitment and religious tradition. In a country with weather like ours, ladies who are wearing Hijab might be facing some problems. While overcoming the high temperature with light layers and AC, Hijab ladies hair might be still suffering. Now that we know that hair is every lady’s […]

How To Do Ramadan

How to do Ramadan? A question on everyone’s mind… So here’s the thing. This year, Ramadan kinda crept up on us. No warning, no preparation, nothing. Not really sure if it was all the events or the fact that it’s smack down the middle of summer. Regardless, whatever the reason is, fact is, it’s here […]

Get Your Yoga Buzz On

I had been interested in yoga for a long time, but never had the energy nor the inclination to do anything about it, yet it always caught my eye – like when something sparkles in the sunlight. Then one day many years ago, thanks to an old friend, I met yoga on a Ramadan afternoon […]

Summer Time

It’s summer time, time to have fun, hit the beach and get our summer tan on. However, there is this very important thing that we should take care of; our SKIN. Skin Cancer is the most common cancer, especially for young people that’s why it’s extremely important to protect ourselves from UV radiation. Here are […]

Private Hospitals in Egypt

Is it a hospital? A clinic? A day care center? An apartment? Maybe it’s a butcher house? Would you send your pet there? I’d rather not. Having slaved at one of Egypt’s largest private healthcare institutions, my sharp observations led me to the conclusion that the public is clueless about health care. We are aware […]

CaiRollers: Egypt’s first Derby Team!

From running, to cycling and fitness challenges, Fitness is now all the rage in Cairo, and it is no surprise that we are a huge fan of it. A new promising sports league is being introduced in Cairo for the first time. CaiRollers are starting Egypt’s very first roller derby team. We got the whole […]

Detoxing 101

Since detoxing is the new “In” thing that everybody is talking about; we decided to contribute and give you some hints on the matter. Not familiar with the term? We’ve it all covered for you. Detoxification it is the process of removing toxins from the body, The liver is our primary detoxing center, along with […]

Move For The Cure

Breast Cancer is the most common tumor in women and a leading cause of death of women in Egypt. However, with early detection it is easily manageable. Cancer awareness is becoming a crucial part of our social and health education with the aim of propagating the culture of self breast examination, having yearly checkups and […]

Happiness Is Just a Jog Away

Ever wonder why you feel good after exercising? I’m going to let you in on a little secret. After exercising for some time (varies from one person to another), your body releases “feel good” hormones commonly known as Endorphins; Endorphins are a hormone like substance produced in the brain to numb pain and elevate your […]

Super Moon is Calling YOU!

It’s called a super full moon, and though it might not give you superpowers, it’s still worth the view! Apparently, June 25, 2013 will be the closest and largest full moon of the year and the closest encounter with Earth in 2013. If this isn’t a call for a hiking trip, then I don’t know […]

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