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Amici v.s. WIFbyEE the Showdown

It’s all about the UEFA finals tomorrow night, we even know some crazy fans who have flown out to Germany just to watch this match! Amici and WIFbyEE will be teaming up at our favorite cocktail bar for the UEFA final. Get this your favorite wings, with Amici’s amazing drinks and ambiance, and the match! […]

But I Don’t Wanna Diet!!!

“So this summer I’m gonna be super skinny, you don’t even know” well i do know because thats what i say to my self every year. See the thing is its much harder then it looks (incase your some skinny twat reading this and thinking why doesn’t she just not eat). Let me tell it […]

A Presidential Bucket

Looks like the only thing that is on anyone’s mind right now is the Presidential elections, and the one thing people can’t stop doing is stuffing their faces! So WIF (Wings In Flavours) have come up with the perfect mix! Get your hands on your favorite wings, any kind you like, four flavors of your choice. […]

Puff Pie

We can’t keep up with all that is opening in Zamalek, no really aren’t we supposed to be in a Recession/Revoution? (On another note we can’t complain we need more people to take risks) Any ways back to the point; last night we checked out the latest outlet to open “Puff Pie” Located on a […]

They Can Cook?

The wait is finally over! The announcement of the top 5 candidates with a special *Chef’s Choice being thrown in for a lucky sixth contestant.  Now it is up to the Chef’s themselves to prove their skills this Saturday the 19th at Casper & Gambini’s City Star’s Terrace where they will show off their talents […]

The Gifted Chef

Scoop Empire sat down with the master minds behind the latest competition, “The Gifted Chef” and got you the low down on what’s going on and who are the celebrity chefs involved.    What is The Gifted Chef? The Gifted Chef is the first cooking competition by Casper & Gambini’s and brought to Cairo […]

Trio Eatery – Logo Revealed

Ladies and Gentlemen fix your eyes on the above and welcome to the block the newest Zamalek eatery! For the first time anywhere we get to give you the 1st sneak peak at Trio’s official logo. Why is it called Trio you may ask, because there are 3 heavy weight partners behind the brand, one […]

Good Cals VS Bad Cals?

In a quant little town called Zamalek opened yet another restaurant! or what we here at Scoop have dubbed (Food Boutiques). In the last couple months we have watched more and more mini eateries open up and it only makes sense that a place dedicated to healthy eats would be next in line. Good Cals […]

Top Dawgs: Take 2

Not only do you get to eat the gourmet Hot Dogs in Zamalek now, but the Dawgs have made their way to City Stars! So while strolling the mall, make sure to stop by the New Extensions food court and get your hands on the yummy dogs and let us know what you think? WE […]

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