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TRIO is opening TOMORROW!

    While I was attempting to find out what’s going on in Cairo these days, I have heard here and there about Trio and its exquisite ambience that is soon to open its doors in Zamalek. I’ve been honored to interview Mr. Rawy Rizk, one of the owners, and know all I need to know […]

The World’s Most Expensive Cupcake Revealed

Obviously it wasn’t here in Egypt! Oh where oh where could it have been? Why in the land of Gold Vending machines and extreme opulence of course! Dubai has given birth to the world’s most expensive cupcake, which it revealed two days ago at the Bloomsbury Boutique cafe in Mall of Dubai. Known as the […]

Makani/Burger Joint/Sit Hosneya/Zo in Diplo

So we all know the popular quad dining experience of Makani, Burger Joint, Sit Hosneya and Zo. Well adding to their highly frequented branch in Marina (Sahel), they’ve decided to take top open up a new branch in the Diplo Village entrance with a shack-style venue for the beach attired customer in the North Coast. […]

It’s A WIF’aversary!

It’s hard to believe a year has passed, it’s like seeing your baby grow! From working on the opening day with owner Bassel El Sawy, to all the different themes and activations we have come up with throughout this year. From giving people the chance to win a trip with Wild Guanabana to free Ipods […]

Zamalek Mafia

Banding together is probably the smartest way to get ahead of your competition and if anything give your target audience what they want! Well in that case Zooba & Wel3a are two smart cookies if you ask us! Now while chilling in Zamalek’s favorite shisha hangout Wel3a you can order Zooba. Great Egyptian food, with […]

The Gifted Chef Video

The video is finally out! Thanks to IRG, & Nineteen84 Management, The Gifted Chef Competition was born. Out of approximatly 24 aplicants 6 only made it. The event took place at the Casper & Gambini’s Terrace at City Stars last month, with guest judges Laila Naga & Chef Andrew and music by Abou & […]


If you haven’t noticed by now, Zamalek has turned into one large food court! No really i kid you not, every day it seems like a new restaurant/cafe is opening up. Well tomorrow at 7 p.m. the newest installment Mr. Wok is opening it’s doors on 26th of July street (think soft opening people, don’t […]

Plans for Dinner?

Do you spend your day at work, constantly thinking about what you’ll have for lunch or dinner? Well, let me be the one to help you out this week. On Tuesday, June 5, Y-Lounge is collaborating with Lou’s Food Corner, providing you with a scrumptious dinner, alongside live entertainment.  Not only will you be enjoying […]

Put Some Haagen in your Dazs

Everyone danced a little happy dance when Haagen Dazs first opened it’s doors here in Egypt. Ever since then slowly but surely the franchise has worked it’s way around Cairo, with it’s latest branch opening in the island of Zamalek! For those of you who don’t know, go check out 33 Abu El Feda, with […]

la Pizza Cresci in Egypt?

This may sound strange to all those of you who are used to hearing this name simply when venturing on your summer getaway to the South of France, but to those of you who don’t have that luxury this brand is kinda like the Bugatti of Pizza’s.  It is has been around for more than […]