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C & G’s Diet Menu – Comfort At It’s Best

The cons of being on a diet and living in Egypt is that well let’s just face it we aren’t the most health conscious society in the world. Everything is soaked in butter, oil or the worst of the worst Samna(Butter Ghee)!!  Now I don’t want to be a complete downer, if you want to […]

Meet Bob The Hot Dog

It is no secret that everyone on the Scoop Empire team loves their food; no really it consumes 90% of our thoughts! So when we found out that Bob’s Hot Dogs was going to make Gouna one of it’s homes, we immediately got excited! How many times has everyone finished a late night of partying […]

Asian Fusion Gone Good – First Indigo

So here in Egypt we are constantly complaining how there are no good restaurants, no good bars and well nothing to do. Its true the grass is always greener on the other side but hey it can’t be all that bad. I usually find that its on us to utilize and work with our surroundings […]

Mince, The Gourmet Burger Experience

There is something about Cairo and it’s inability to churn out the perfect burger that really bothers us. The only near perfect burger we can think of is maybe Le Garage, in El Gouna, other than that none really hit the spot for us! But oh worry some souls of Egypt, do not fret, for […]


Why am I writing about Blaze? It’s like my right to declare that finally I found a decent place opening in Heliopolis that has its own vibe! As now the places where you hang out at Heliopolis are so limited (All Heliopolis and Nasr City residents will relate) and that is because either some places […]

Meet Dave The Gringo

Ahhh Mexican food… I always sit and wonder why there are no good Mexican restaurants in Egypt when their food is so similar to ours. Why am I so restricted with going to either Friday’s or Chilies as my only options? Well that has changed (sort of..) I sat down with Dave, the founder of […]


Sounds like Chinese the title right? Well it isn’t, WIFFbyEE (Cairo’s favorite wings restaurant) has been running a competition on their Facebook page in association with Sprite Egypt, to let one lucky winner walk away with a brand new Ipad! If you haven’t been following, people were given the chance to pick any new wings […]

Abdel Wahab – They Turn 1

Has it really been a year since we heard “OMG Abdel Wahab is coming to Egypt!” “Did you go to the opening? Everyone was there” ” We have to eat in Abdel Wahab, it’s the best Lebaanese in Egypt” Yes it has been a year, and the Lebanese franchise, is turning 1 TOMORROW! We still […]

Dream A Little Abdel Halim

Looks like this Ramadan at Abdel Wahab has been all about throwbacks to the greats and with the ever increasing success of these nights, Abdel Halim Hafez is making yet again another cameo tonight. Back by popular demand, Abdel Halim night is back for round 2, if you guys haven’t tried their sehours on the […]

Caracas – The Attention To Detail

Ramadan is a funny time of year its consumed with so much food and shesha you would think you would have had enough of both by the end of it.  I like most actually like having fetar at home, you are so stuffed after that all you want to do is bum around and to […]

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