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Shisha Addict’s Wildest Dream

Shisha moves me much in the same way bars move people. I will forgo an outing, party, random drinks & dinner at a bar, for SHISHA! I’m not an addict don’t get me wrong, i go weeks without it, but i rather do that than many other things. Along comes Abdel Wahab one of my […]

The Recipe: Potato Heaven

Potatoes are just one of those things that everyone hates to love. Prepared in a million different ways to conform to any kind of meal and inbeded in most cuisines if not all, they just work!  Today we will be exploring the world of potatoes with one dish in particular, Roast Potatoes. This recipe is […]

The Recipe: Fondue For 2

Ever thought to yourself, you know what I would love to make Fondue but then your mind stops at that with a “Ya, we should do that sometime..” When you realize you actually have no idea what you are doing.  Well here is your encouragement people, we have picked a simple, quick recipe that should […]

The Recipe: Cheese Love!

Since this is meant to be a month of “Cheer”, “Family Time” & well entertaining , we here at scoop have decided to give you a daily treat to share with your loved ones.  Yes we are that nice! So here is the deal, everyday we will share a recipe we have hand picked for […]

Annabel de Vetten: The Cake Lady

Every once in a while we come across something out of the ordinary that we feel you need to know about. Now this may not apply to the country you live in but today we are talking about the universal love of Cake!  Everyone loves cake or so they should it just brings happiness to […]

No More Twinkies

Bye Bye Hostess, Bye Bye Twinkies you little pieces of heaven fill with yummy frosting. The sad news was released yesterday that Hostess is closing its factories down after filing for bankruptcy, the world’s favorite snack food will cease to exist. But with any ending there are opportunists lurking in the corner thinking how they […]

World’s Longest Cream Cake

A pastry shop in Geneva, Switzerland has celebrated its 25th birthday by baking a giant cream cake which measured in at 1,200 meters long, which converts into about 4,000 feet of sugar, flour and cream – setting the new world record for the Largest cream cake. Guinness World Records officials certified the cake as the […]

C & G’s Diet Menu – Comfort At It’s Best

The cons of being on a diet and living in Egypt is that well let’s just face it we aren’t the most health conscious society in the world. Everything is soaked in butter, oil or the worst of the worst Samna(Butter Ghee)!!  Now I don’t want to be a complete downer, if you want to […]

Meet Bob The Hot Dog

It is no secret that everyone on the Scoop Empire team loves their food; no really it consumes 90% of our thoughts! So when we found out that Bob’s Hot Dogs was going to make Gouna one of it’s homes, we immediately got excited! How many times has everyone finished a late night of partying […]

Asian Fusion Gone Good – First Indigo

So here in Egypt we are constantly complaining how there are no good restaurants, no good bars and well nothing to do. Its true the grass is always greener on the other side but hey it can’t be all that bad. I usually find that its on us to utilize and work with our surroundings […]

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