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Meet Dave The Gringo

Ahhh Mexican food… I always sit and wonder why there are no good Mexican restaurants in Egypt when their food is so similar to ours. Why am I so restricted with going to either Friday’s or Chilies as my only options? Well that has changed (sort of..) I sat down with Dave, the founder of […]


Sounds like Chinese the title right? Well it isn’t, WIFFbyEE (Cairo’s favorite wings restaurant) has been running a competition on their Facebook page in association with Sprite Egypt, to let one lucky winner walk away with a brand new Ipad! If you haven’t been following, people were given the chance to pick any new wings […]

Abdel Wahab – They Turn 1

Has it really been a year since we heard “OMG Abdel Wahab is coming to Egypt!” “Did you go to the opening? Everyone was there” ” We have to eat in Abdel Wahab, it’s the best Lebaanese in Egypt” Yes it has been a year, and the Lebanese franchise, is turning 1 TOMORROW! We still […]

Dream A Little Abdel Halim

Looks like this Ramadan at Abdel Wahab has been all about throwbacks to the greats and with the ever increasing success of these nights, Abdel Halim Hafez is making yet again another cameo tonight. Back by popular demand, Abdel Halim night is back for round 2, if you guys haven’t tried their sehours on the […]

Caracas – The Attention To Detail

Ramadan is a funny time of year its consumed with so much food and shesha you would think you would have had enough of both by the end of it.  I like most actually like having fetar at home, you are so stuffed after that all you want to do is bum around and to […]

Cinnabon and Carvel to open in Libya

After a 2 year plan to launch in early 2011, Cinnabon is finally opening its doors in Triploi making it the first American franchise in Libya. The franchise will sell signature cinnamon rolls and treats and along its side will be Carvel, owned by the same company, Focus, will be selling ice cream and cakes […]

La Pizza Cresci Goes Oriental

For a memorable oriental night out, La Pizza Cresci (at dandy mall) will give you the chance to celebrate Ramadan in style! With gorgeous décor, entertainment and spectacular Pizza and Pasta menus, La Pizza Cresci is the place to be to feast with family and friends in opulent yet traditional surroundings. With live music and […]

Salt – The Newest Gourmet House in Town

Eateries have been opening left right and centre all over Cairo, but most relating to quick snacks, but most recently the market has been neglecting the people that actually miss going out somewhere nice for dinner. With the news of a new boutique hotel opening in Sun City of course a 5 star restaurant had […]

Y- Lounge Reviewed

Thrown all the way across the world, I was able to grab one quick week of Ramadan loving with my best friends and family in Cairo. In this week, we’ve managed to make our way to a different Ramadan kheima each night. Last night we tried Ganz’s Y Lounge. Having spent my college years in […]

World’s Most Expensive Hot Dog

Meet the world’s most expensive hot dog, for only $69 at New York’s famous Serendipity you can try the delicacy! Cooked in Truffle oil, fitted into a nice pretzel bun and topped with an assortment of condiments that will make anyone’s mouth water, the Guiness Book of World records confirmed that is actually the most […]