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Food Review: Gourmet Burger Cairo

“Gourmet” and “Burger” are two words that automatically incite excitement, curiosity and anticipation of a mouth-watering experience.  At first Gourmet Burger, a dainty little place on the corner of Zamalek’s infamous Brazil Street, meets expectations in terms of creativity and its stand-out brand of burger making that separates it from the rest. GBC’s menu is […]

Kitchen Kulture: Homemade Pickled Cucumbers

Hello people! I have insanely missed you … Given the current circumstances these days, one never knows what tomorrow might bring, especially with the huge Sunday 30/6 protests taking place across the nation which we are all crossing fingers & toes for.  So in case things don’t end up good the following day, and you […]

WIF Turns Two!

Time flies but the memories will always stay! (Wings in Flavours) is the one and only wings place in town that has grown to be loved for its top quality food, coolest modern ambiance and ever-going experiences. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY WIF! WIF is now two years old and has become admired for always daring to introduce […]

The Recipe: Coconut chilli chicken

As the end of your weekend approaches and whether this has been an extensive one or not this dish is an ideal way to close it off with. If you are a little daring then I suggest you spoil yourself with a little more chilli and if that’s not your thing all together feel free […]

Cookery and Compromises

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t warned that being married would be hard. No one in the history of man has ever said marriage was a cakewalk, and if they have, they were lying or deluded. Marriage is hard work when the going gets tough. There are two sets of needs that […]

What Is Paleo?

When I first started writing about Paleo eating and consulted my sister about it, her first question was: Wait, what’s a Paleo? Clearly not everyone has been versed in this topic, so I’ll give you a bit of a low-down before I delve head-first into this article. Paleo is: no grains, no legumes, no refined […]

The Recipe: Grilled Veggies

One mostly thinks of the different cuts of meat that come with a good BBQ but wait what about all those fun sides that make the meal so fantastic. Today we will be exploring the world of veggies.   This simple recipe is one of the most complimentary dishes to any barbeque, and guess what […]

A Tale of My Mother’s Molokheyya

Contrary to what many might think, my mother Fifi didn’t really teach me to cook. Sure she went through basics with me and taught me a cornucopia of recipes, but most of these were relayed in passing or on the phone. I was too stubborn to let anyone teach me things and she was too […]

The Recipe: Old Fashioned Meatloaf

Ever miss that nostalgic feel of a home cooked meal. Yes with the husstle and bustle haven taken over our lives it is rarity at most when you actually get the opportunity to something other then fast food. Hence my choice of recipe today courtesy Paula Deen. We are cooking home made, old fashioned meatloaf. […]

Boulevard’s New Menu Launch

Boulevard’s new menu is finally here! After having to starve ourselves all day, we couldn’t wait any longer to see what Boulevard had planned out for us.  I was speechless, just seeing the waiter layout out the food on the table, left us feeling nothing but excitement. As soon as the Starters were out, you […]

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