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The Recipe: Enjoy The Drinks

With good weather comes a great atmosphere and what better then a couple cocktails to add that finishing touch. The recipe has decided to give you something different this weekend. Enjoy the drinks and if yo are looking for something a little more virgin, well then take out the boo’s and switch it up with […]

April Produce: Strawberries Health Benefits

Something that I never seem to get fixed in my head: which fruit/vegetable is in season? You would automatically think that since the vegetable or fruit is available at the supermarket or your local green grocer, then it’s ok.  I got to learn it’s not when I craved artichokes in January and my mother told […]

Cork Hot Doilies For Table Set Ups

How many times have you had a cozy gathering with corks & corks of wine bottles being thrown away, after a 5 second use of just popping the bottle open? You might have also seen people just collect them and place them in a glass bowl for decorative purposes but little do some of you […]

Ruen Thai Turns 2!

It seems like everyone is celebrating one thing or two these days with Anniversaries being the theme of the weekend, but it was one anniversary in general that we especially were happy to celebrate late last week.   If you are a foodie and you like a little adventure then you will be familiar with […]

The Recipe: A Trip To The Orient

Today we venture in to the Orient with one of my favorite dishes, Japanese Chicken-and-Egg Rice Bowl. Easy and very light, it is the ideal snack, lunch or even salad to serve when you want to impress.  This fantastic recipe is courtesy from where you can find many more just like it. What you’ll […]

Mango Sorbet: Soothing Summer Remedy

The interesting things about sorbets is not only are they refreshing on a hot summer afternoon whether you’re in the capital or at your summer home, they’re pure fruit so healthier than ice cream & gelato and definitely lighter! You can also make them with any fruit you like. Quick history lesson before we dig […]

The Recipe: Mothers Day Meal

If you are some of the few that still have not had the opportunity to celebrate Mothers Day, well we have the perfect way. Take care of the lady that has slaved over you since you can remember by cooking her a light meal, a box chocolates and flowers. You will get more brownie points […]

Green Olive Tapenade: Pre Meal Nibbles

Served in more than one country and in more than one restaurant in Cairo, the idea of olive tapenade is simply genius! It’s super-fast & easy to make, it tastes amazing, and it’s a really good starter to calm down your growling tummy before your food comes, without feeling full. Better yet, you can spread […]

The Recipe: Sweet & Savory All in 1 Bite!

I love the merge of sweet and savory when they are blended in to one. It cuts out the potential ‘It’s to Sweet’ or ‘To Salty’ comment but I admit most times is an acquired taste. Having said that I offer you something different this week which is set on a much healthier note but […]

Egg In A Hole: An Addictive Breakfast Fix For Spring.

One random weekend when I was away from Cairo, my girlfriends and I stocked up on loads of goodies from the supermarket and made up recipes while there, anticipating what we would cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner! And oh did we come up with cool creations, some of which we discovered later on are […]

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