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Saucy Chicken Teriyaki

For some reason, I had a feeling that the Teriyaki sauce business is a rather complicated one. Although it hales from Asia (mainly Japanese cuisine), which means the cooking cannot get any simpler, because of its association with being light & healthy, just being Japanese or Chinese implies trickiness. Well I was wrong. So first […]

10 Best Foods

For all those who’ve sat at their desks wondering: What should I eat for lunch? What would be the healthiest, most nutritious food that is also good for the waistline? David Grotto, a registered dietician and author of the forthcoming book The Best Things You Can Eat, hopes to settle the question once and for […]

Zucchini Patties with Mint Yogurt Dip

One thing I can never seem to get out of my head are the Zuchini balls I always have at the Greek Club that I keep going back for whenever I visit. The taste, texture and idea had always made me wonder how they made them – and they’re one of the best things I […]

SIF Is On!

SIF is on! Yes, this isn’t a typo, it’s SIF not WIF! Egyptian Entrepreneurs have just launched a new baby brand under the name of SIF; which stands for Shisha in Flavors. Admit it, one of our third world pains is finding a place with good food that has Shisha or a place with good […]

The Recipe: Peanut Butter, Banana Stuffed French Toast

If you are sick of your generic breakfast. You know the same one you have made for the last 3 years that your kids and husband have pretty much memorized. Well this one is for you, this is a fun twist on the much loved French Toast. I grantee your kids will love it and […]

Kitchen Kulture: Artichoke Salad With Yoghurt Dill Dressing

I know many of us are not big fans of artichokes, but it really does depend on the way you cook them – it will change your mind sometimes!  If people also knew how healthy they are they’d think twice; artichokes are full of anti-oxidants (highest ratio among all vegetables), they help with digestion and […]

Finally Abdel Wahab opens in City Stars!

Finally the wait is over! Abdel Wahab’s branch in City Stars is now all set and ready for everyone to indulge in their authentic Lebanese and luxurious vibe. The night of the opening took us all the way to Lebanon, that’s what Abdel Wahab literally offers. Now this branch is certainly a dream come true […]

The Recipe: Quesadilla’s for Everyone!

This can be a snack or a meal depending on what you do with it but either way Quesadilla’s are just one of those things that never seem to disappoint no matter what age you are. Here is a quick recipe that is ideal if you have kids and want to give them something healthy […]

Kitchen Kulture: Ultimate Breakfast

Don’t underestimate the power of an omelet; for it serves the purpose of a healthy breakfast, an in between meal snack, a light dinner, a yummy brunch item or simply a flavored comfort food dish to many! The nice thing about omelets is that if you’re not a big fan of eggs, especially the yolk […]

Egytian St. Food hits London’s finest!

The well-known Egyptian vegetarian dish that is Koshari has made its way in the world of street food all the way to the docks of London. Having said that it is Lebanese born, writer & chef Anissa Helou which has recently acquired a hole in the wall stall on St. Martins Lane where she will […]

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