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VW To Buy Porsche

Big news for the car world! VW and Porsche have officially become one! How you may be asking, well Volkswagen has officially finished acquiring Porsche in what is one of the largest car brand mergers and deals to go down. Already having owned near to 50% stake in the company, VW finished a deal last […]

Coca-Cola Wants You To Go Green

Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race! No? Ya too cheesy I agree, but Michael was onto something and looks like Coke here in Egypt is choosing to take the green route and help save Egypt one recycled can at a time! Recycling is […]

The Smart Way to Begin Your Business: “Workaholics – Not Always A Good Thing”

  Our culture celebrates the idea of the workaholic. We hear about people burning the midnight oil. They pull all-nighters and sleep at the office. It’s considered a badge of honor to kill yourself over a project. No amount of work is too much work. Not only is this workaholism unnecessary, it’s stupid. Working more […]

Queen Elizabeth 2 Cruise Liner, Becomes Dubai Hotel

After buying the Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise liner for $100 million five years ago, Dubai has settled on a use for it. The plan is to turn it into a floating hotel fitted with many of the storied vessel’s original furnishings. The ship will remain in the city state’s downtown Port Rashid facility to serve […]

The Smart Way To Begin Your Business: Real World F**k Off!

When you tell people about a fresh idea, majority of the time you hear things like “Forget it, it would never work in the real world”. They end up making the real world sound like a horrible place to work in, where new ideas and concepts always lose and never come to life. Only the […]

The Getaway – Makadi Bay’s Fort Arabesque

So every Thursday, we all sit around and wish we would have been organized and planned a weekend getaway rather then roasting in Cairo’s heat. Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda right? Well I am going to help you with all that “where should we go” business by giving you a different option every week. Options that satisfy […]

The Market Was Just Tired Of Bad News

Since the revolution, the Egyptian Stock Exchange EGX30 has taken a series of consecutive beatings and downgrades from rating agencies that had demolished investor confidence. But in a world of behavioral finance – market sentiment went from red to green as stability-starved Egyptians welcomed an undisputed presidential election with open arms, and what looked like […]

Fashion Garage

Everyday there is a new endeavor online, but very few actually stand apart or are  considered “new & unique” in the market. One very creative idea that Cairo has come across is Fashion Garage, created by Mrs. Heba Serag El Din. The concept behind the site is to give people an outlet to buy and […]

The Smart Way to Begin Your Business: “Start Your Own Something or Other”

Sure every one of us has a friend who has said before, “I had an idea for a magnificent business, If only I had worked on it, I would have been a millionaire” Please! That concept is awful! Having an idea for a successful business has nothing to do with creating one. What you execute […]

Are businesses taking “too much” advantage of high-end customers?

  We’ve all thought of it, but are yet to express it. With new businesses opening up and spreading in areas of Zamalek, Maadi, 6th of October, and Heliopolis, are we being ridiculously ripped off? This isn’t about what we as upper class residents can or cannot afford to pay. This is about us being […]