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On the Sofa – In Other Words 3al Kanaba

Ramadan series, you must be kidding me! What should I watch? What series come on which channel at what time?! It is definitely a hassle keeping up with the absurd number of TV series this Ramadan. I mean they are more than 85 productions or something. I am personally anti- TV series but maybe if […]

An Odezy

Since we live on the internet and the streets are just too busy to even go out for any mandatory outings it just all kinds of make sense that the solution would be right there. Well its is! There has been a uprising of online shopping sites in the last year and is here […]

The Smart Way to Begin Your Business: “Outside Money is Plan Z”

  One of the first questions you’ll probably ask: Where’s the seed money going to come from? Far too often, people think the answer is to raise money from outsiders. If you’re building something like a company or restaurant, then you may indeed need that outside cash. But a lot of companies don’t need expensive […]

The Modern Day Woman – Laila Karim

For the next ten days we will be doing a series of interviews with Inspirational Women, their carears, where their drive comes from and who they are when the suit comes off. These will cover all fields and will focus on mainly on the Middle East. Today’s interview is with Laila Karim, the woman behind […]

The Smart Way to Begin Your Business: “No Time, Is No Excuse!”

The most common excuse people give: “There’s not enough time.” They claim they’d love to start a company, learn an instrument, market an invention, write a book, or whatever, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Come on. There’s always enough time if you spend it right. And don’t think you have to […]

Nillens is how you make your house softer!

High quality bedding and home wear that is soft, handmade, 100% Egyptian cotton, beautifully designed, colorfully patterned and at affordable prices. Is there a better way to pamper your houses? Nillens is not a new brand but it definitely brings you a new lifestyle that is cozy, fresh, elegant and guaranteed to stay beautiful if […]

DesignKaf – A House Of Innovation

After having the pleasure of sitting down with Kareem Osman the man behind DesignKaf, a house of innovative products set to distinguish themselves in the market by satisfying the needs of consumers rather then sticking to the generic tres expensive alternatives. Kareem ran me through what this new brand was, what it aimed to achieve, current projects […]

The Smart Way to Begin Your Business: “Make A Difference In The World”

To do great work, you need to feel that you’re making a difference. That you’re putting a meaningful dent in the universe. That you’re part of something important. This doesn’t mean you need to find the cure for cancer 🙂 It’s just that your efforts need to feel valuable. You want your customers to say, […]

Meet Zad

No he’s not your local neighborhood bully, or that hot guy you met at Tamarai! Zad happens to be the newest super market chain to launch in Egypt completely and utterly fueled by the Muslim Brotherhood. Hurray!! The new supermarket chain is mainly owned and ran by Khairat El Shater’s son, Saad El Shater. Their […]

Valentino Sold to Qatari Royal Family

It seems that the Qataris are taking over the world. Earlier today, the Qatar royal family has bought the clothing company, Valentino Fashion Group (VFG). The company, which was owned by the Permira Fund since 2007, reportedly was sold for 600-750 million euros to Mayhoola for Investments Spc. The deal cedes control of Valentino to […]