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The art world and its ever-growing scene is a hard one to keep up with. Our seasoned artists, canvas crawlers, and educated entertainers are on the prowl to make sure the music and art scenes are fully covered for your visual and listening pleasure.

Monday, August 13th 2012 – Olympic Camel Toe

The studio ambience was sluggish today, since we were anticipating Papousa’s meteor shower party we are attending this evening. Some of you may be a bit alarmed to hear we were overwhelmed by a party Kenzie’s Mom invited us to but we’ll have you know that with good reason we are in dire need to […]

Q&A: Yara El Gendy, Radio Superstar

You turn your music on, you turn the radio up and you find Yara El Gendy talking to you. You switch and there she is on Nogoum FM. You switch back, she’s right there on Nile FM. Don’t get us wrong – we aren’t complaining. There has to be something about the presenter that makes […]

Future Shorts Egypt is back with the Summer Season!

Are you an explorer, adventurer and a dreamer? Well, put your shorts on because the Future Shorts Summer Season Film Festival is finally here! If you are a big fan of the arts, this is an event worth checking out. The Future Shorts Film Festival brings art, film and live music together in order to […]

RamaScoops: Nescafe Rich

Ahmed Mekky’s second installment for the Nescafe ads is out. I don’t know if it’s my love for his movies or his ability to transform into any character, but i actually cracked up when watching this. It also maybe that my brain cells have died throughout the month of Ramadan and my sense of humor […]

Saturday 11th August – Foreign Man-Baby

Back in action after the holy day vacacion. Oh yes we did. On the way to the studio we stopped by the gas station, they were out – not even a little fart left to hydrate our Wrangler beast. So we began with a slight crimp in our day as we prowled around the 6 […]

For Shits & Giggles : Call me Maybe Again!

We told you before that “Call Me Maybe” has taken over the world, well we stumbled upon this video by Steve Kardynal who decided not only to display his extensive bikini collection but also bring a touch of WTF delight to strangers. He treated random Chatroulette users to a special sing-a-long to the irritatingly appealing Carly Rae […]

Eargasm: Double Whammy

We couldn’t decide which song to share with you, so we thought why not two! It’s Friday we might as well enjoy some good tunes First off Alex Clare does his rendition of “Doves Cry” Our second Eargasm goes to Haim’s song “Forever” we’re totally digging the feel of this song, a mix of some […]

August 9th – Dorian Gray

Today is Friday. Friday is my day (Kenzie). The one day we take off per week. POW. After this long and tiresome week, even Frankie, like the chav he is, needed a fix. After Wednesday’s opinionated visitors, Kenzie felt we needed to cleanse the energy of the studio. At about 11am she returned to the […]

Project XX – Wed 8th Aug. – Sex Sells

8am wake up call, thank you Mom. The joys of living in the nest. Feeling truly inspired by the fretful electricity situation going on we decided to ride this wave in a heroine chic manner and embody the powerless victim for our next piece; Dominique, irritated nevertheless effortlessly fresh faced agrees to be the model […]

The XX Project – Meet the Ladies

The Goal:  “Two Artists, Twenty Five Canvases, One Pug and 30 Days on a mission to portray their hybrid backgrounds through art in an unorthodox fashion.”   Because Scoop Empire is cool like that, we will be starting a new column with the girls themselves taking you through their day to day journey highlighting the […]