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The art world and its ever-growing scene is a hard one to keep up with. Our seasoned artists, canvas crawlers, and educated entertainers are on the prowl to make sure the music and art scenes are fully covered for your visual and listening pleasure.

The Sounds of the Unknown: Beach House – Bloom

Calling their fourth album Bloom, fits quite well with this dynamic dream pop-duo from Baltimore, who have grown with each album they have released and blossomed into the mystical act they are today.  The genre dream pop is labeled that way due to the slow atmospheric rhythms that are created by using hypnotizing composition and […]


The 100 Live Electronic Music Festival is finally back once again, with a new lineup of international and local artists who will be performing sets that will take you to another high.  This is an annual event that is organized by 100COPIES MUSIC, which is a Cairo-based music label that aims to create a platform […]

Ghazy and His Goons

He’s Back! After a few years in hiding, Ghazy (Ex-Marbleheads lead guitarist) is back stronger, with his own band (Ghazy and His Goons), and not just that a full album titles “Change of Plans”. I’m personally excited about this, since I’m a big Ghazy fan and so should you! This album is supposed to be […]

Shoukry Has the Key To Your Heart

You all know Shoukry as the man about town, and if you were living under a rock you’d probably not know that he was also in Star Academy along with Lara Scandar. Well now Mr. Shoukry has dropped his latest single and he’s giving you the opportunity to download it from these following pages: Dr. […]

Plant your Soul

So, are you guys ready for an arabic indie, pop/electro psychedelic trip? For all you hipsters out there, check this out: this awesome collaboration of Lebanese and Egyptian artists, Zeid Hamdan and Maryam, are performing in Egypt for the very first time.  Zeid Hamdan is the producer behind many arabic trip-hop musicians and bands, such as […]

Insta Canvas

Insta… Insta.. INSTA… It’s everywhere, having just been sold for a billion dolla’s, Instagram is one of those Apps that you literally contemplate switching to iphone for. I know this because I think about it every time I pick my phone up to take a picture. With over 10 different ‘camera’ or ‘effect’ options it […]

Future Shorts Film Festival – Spring Season 2012

If you haven’t heard, Future Shorts Film Festival is back with the Spring Season! Are you into indie shorts, live music and art? Check out the Future Shorts Film Festival for a full scoop. The festival is currently taking place in 150 cities and 60 countries, showcasing a diverse program of the most exciting short films […]

Fawzi: The new Phenomenon

  Just like the rest of the world, we had no idea about the infamous Etisalat campaign “Fawzi”. Come on, “7awelna ne3raf eih eli bey7sal” and we did. After a little snooping around, I got Fawzi himself to tell us here in an exclusive one-on-one interview about what is coming to all the Etisalat subscribers!! […]

The Presidential Picture Book

So this is not an opinion peace, no need to be all sensitive. Ladies and gentleman today and yesterday were historic days for Egypt, for 30 years our fate has been decided for us over and over again, but not today, today is the day were we choose our own fate, well you and 85 […]

Marni and H&M Come to Cairo

Are you ready ladies? No longer do we have to wait and travel to get a peace of the designer duds that come out season after season in association with H&M.. This Saturday the 26th, make sure you head to H&M City Stars, super early to get your hands on the Marni collection! We got […]