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Beyonce Slays The Super Bowl

Beyonce can’t keep her name out of the news these days. First it was for lip synching at President Obama’s inauguration, so the whole world tuned into last night’s Super Bowl performance in New Orleans to see if the diva could reclaim her long standing name as one of the reigning divas of the pop […]


We’ve shared Haim’s music before and we’ve shared Cyril Hahn’s remix of Destinys Child’s “Say my name” Now the two have teamed up and created one hell of a remix! Perfect rainy weather music! Check out Haim’s “Don’t Save Me” remixed by Cyril Hahn Scoop TeamSelect Staff Writers from the Scoop Empire Team

Entourage Movie A Go

The rumors are finally TRUE! Everyone’s favorite show is coming to the big screen.  After almost two years since the season finale of the hit show, that followed an actor on the rise and his “entourage” throughout their Hollywood trials and tribulations, Warner Brothers have finally given the green light and the big screen version […]

The Sunchild

The minute you surf the internet or watch TV, you cannot escape passing by the depressing plague that has engulfed the country. You feel sick, you feel helpless and you feel just, well… plain depressed. I always strive to be one of those people who take advantage of the situation, look at the bright side […]

Ra Ra Riot’s Beta Love – An 80’s Style Pop Dream

Ra Ra Riot has finally released their most anticipated album yet. It’s the bands first release minus cellist Alexandra Lawn and the change is visible in almost every song on the album. The first time I listened to their first single Beta Love I could tell the band took a turn down the road of […]

A Pep Talk by Kid President

Every once in a while we need some sort of pep talk to get us on the right track! And if you’re not encouraged enough to get out there and change the world, you sure as hell need to watch this. Here at Scoop Empire, you guys encourage us, our readers, writers, fans and followers. […]

Ashton Kutcher’s JOBS Movie To Premier in April

Following its premiere at the Sundance film festival later this week, JOBS, the independent film about Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher, is slated to arrive in theaters on April 19. The film is expected to portray the Apple co-founder’s life from 1971 through 2000, covering the founding of the company, his departure and his return. […]

Eargasm: A New motivational Song!

 If you are looking for a new song to inspire, motivate and tell you that there is hope still in this world, then this is EXACTLY what you are looking for. A new hit song “ MeenFena” has recently been produced by Ibrahim Nasha’at as part of the UN 10th Anniversary of the International Year […]

AD-dicted: Internet Explorer – Child of the 90s

If you’re in the mood to get nostalgic, this is it. If you were a child in the 90s, Microsoft made this for YOU! Taking you through a journey of what was popular 20 years ago and shows how the times have evolved, and how Internet Explorer has evolved with it. Even though I’m not a […]

Men’s New Lace Undies

I was never a fan of men’s fashion week. The usual macho men play it safe, their swimsuits just got a bit shorter, their jeans a little tighter. The metrosexual had a little bit more creativity with color and was more daring in prints. But the silhouette remained pretty much the same.  God bless Tumblr […]